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Request Review of draft-ietf-mtgvenue-iaoc-venue-selection-process
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Team Routing Area Directorate (rtgdir)
Deadline 2018-02-06
Requested 2018-01-17
Requested by Alvaro Retana
Authors Eliot Lear
Draft last updated 2018-02-05
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I  have been asked to review this draft on behalf of the Routing Directorate.

Please see below.

- Stewart Bryant (


Th is an important and difficult to write document on an important topic.

It has a few issues that ought be be considered before proceeding with publication.

Major Issues:

   o  The Facility and IETF Hotels MUST provide wheelchair access to
      accommodate the number of people who are anticipated to require


   o  The Facility is accessible or reasonable accommodations can be
      made to allow access by people with disabilities.

SB> I am not an expert but I think more than just simple wheelchair
SB> access is required, also you need a set of suitable facilities in the meeting 
SB> facility and in at least one hotel and its environs.
SB> I assume that there is some code of practice that can and should
SB> be referenced here.


 A description of how reconsideration currently takes
   place is found in <

SB> Maybe it is my finger trouble, but I could not access this
rather unfriendly multi-line URL. I get a 404 error, and when I
edit the URL to remove the %20s that show up in my browser
I get "authentication required".

Minor Issues:

Where we meet?
      We meet in different locations globally, in order to spread the
      difficulty and cost of travel among active participants, balancing
      travel time and expense across the regions in which IETF
      participants are based.

SB> Given the support and encouragement of remote participants, there ought to be a note about sharing unreasonable time zone difference pain across the spectrum of remote participants. 


8.  Privacy Considerations

   This note reveals no personally identifying information apart from
   its authorship.

SB> This is true, but does spawn the question of whether privacy should
be a meeting location selection criteria?


In the abstract the terms IASA and IAOC should be spelled out. This is part of a wider problem of the various I* abbreviations that are scattered through the text not being particularly user friendly. It would be helpful to the reader to provide a small glossary early in the text.


 o  It MUST be possible to provision Internet Access to the Facility
      and IETF Hotels that allows local attendees to utilize the
SB> When I first read this I though you meant local as in those
SB> who live in the country, but I think you mean those at the facility.
SB> Clarification may be useful.


   o  There are sufficient places (e.g., a mix of hallways, bars,
      meeting rooms, and restaurants) for people to hold ad hoc
      conversations and group discussions in the combination of spaces
      offered by the facilities, hotels and bars/restaurants in the
      surrounding area, within walking distance (5-10').

SB> I imagine you mean 5-10 minutes not 5-10 feet.


   o  Overflow Hotels can be placed under contract, within convenient
      travel time of the Facility and at a variety of guest room rates.
SB> s/of/to and from/