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Applications and Real-Time Area (art)

art Area Directors (ADs)

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art active WGs (26)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Barry Audio/Video Transport Core Maintenance Roni Even , Jonathan Lennox
Adam Binary Floor Control Protocol Bis Keith Drage , Charles Eckel
Barry Calendaring Extensions Bron Gondwana , Daniel Migault
Barry Captive Portal Interaction Erik Kline , Martin Thomson
Alexey Concise Binary Object Representation Maintenance and Extensions Francesca Palombini , Jim Schaad
Barry Content Delivery Networks Interconnection François Le Faucheur , Kevin Ma , Phil Sorber
Alexey Codec Encoding for LossLess Archiving and Realtime transmission Spencer Dawkins , Michael Richardson
Adam ControLling mUltiple streams for tElepresence Roni Even , Paul Kyzivat
Alexey Constrained RESTful Environments Carsten Bormann , Jaime Jimenez
Alexey Dispatch Ben Campbell , Patrick McManus
Alexey Domain-based Message Authentication, Reporting & Conformance Murray Kucherawy , Tim Wicinski
Barry DNS Over HTTPS David Lawrence , Benjamin Schwartz
Adam Emergency Context Resolution with Internet Technologies Allison Mankin , Roger Marshall
Barry Email mailstore and eXtensions To Revise or Amend Bron Gondwana , Jiankang Yao
Barry HTTP Mark Nottingham , Tommy Pauly
Adam Interactive Connectivity Establishment Ari Keränen
Alexey JSON Mail Access Protocol Jim Fenton , Bron Gondwana
Adam Multiparty Multimedia Session Control Flemming Andreasen , Bo Burman
Adam Internet Video Codec Matthew Miller , Mo Zanaty
Alexey Privacy Enhanced RTP Conferencing Suhas Nandakumar , Nils Ohlmeier
Barry Registration Protocols Extensions James Galvin , Antoin Verschuren
Adam Relay User Machine Paul Kyzivat , Brian Rosen
Alexey SIP Best-practice Recommendations Against Network Dangers to privacY Gonzalo Camarillo , Gonzalo Salgueiro
Adam Session Initiation Protocol Core Jean Mahoney , Brian Rosen
Adam Secure Telephone Identity Revisited Russ Housley , Robert Sparks
Alexey Using TLS in Applications Leif Johansson , Valery Smyslov

General Area (gen)

gen Area Director (AD)

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gen active WGs (4)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Alissa General Area Dispatch Francesca Palombini , Pete Resnick
Alissa GitHub Integration and Tooling Paul Hoffman , Christopher Wood
Alissa IETF Administrative Support Activity 2 Jason Livingood , Jon Peterson
Alissa Meeting Venue Charles Eckel , Pete Resnick

Internet Area (int)

int Area Directors (ADs)

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int active WGs (15)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Suresh IPv6 over Networks of Resource-constrained Nodes Shwetha Bhandari , Carles Gomez
Suresh IPv6 Maintenance Bob Hinden , Ole Trøan
Suresh IPv6 over the TSCH mode of IEEE 802.15.4e Pascal Thubert , Thomas Watteyne
Suresh Dynamic Host Configuration Tomek Mrugalski , Bernie Volz
Suresh Distributed Mobility Management Sri Gundavelli , Dapeng Liu , Satoru Matsushima
Éric Extensions for Scalable DNS Service Discovery David Schinazi , Barbara Stark
Éric DNS PRIVate Exchange Brian Haberman , Tim Wicinski
Éric Host Identity Protocol Gonzalo Camarillo
Éric Home Networking Stephen Farrell , Barbara Stark
Suresh Internet Area Working Group Wassim Haddad , Juan-Carlos Zúñiga
Suresh IP Wireless Access in Vehicular Environments Carlos Bernardos , Russ Housley
Suresh IPv6 over Low Power Wide-Area Networks Alexander Pelov , Pascal Thubert
Suresh Light-Weight Implementation Guidance Zhen Cao , Mohit Sethi
Suresh Network Time Protocol Karen O'Donoghue , Dieter Sibold
Suresh Timing over IP Connection and Transfer of Clock Karen O'Donoghue , Yaakov Stein

Operations and Management Area (ops)

ops Area Directors (ADs)

ops area-specific web pages

ops active WGs (14)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Ignas Autonomic Networking Integrated Model and Approach Toerless Eckert , Sheng Jiang
Warren Benchmarking Methodology Sarah Banks , Al Morton
Ignas Diameter Maintenance and Extensions Jouni Korhonen , Lionel Morand
Warren Domain Name System Operations Benno Overeinder , Tim Wicinski , Suzanne Woolf
Warren Global Routing Operations Chris Morrow , Job Snijders
Warren MBONE Deployment Leonard Giuliano , Greg Shepherd
Éric Media OPerationS Leslie Daigle , Kyle Rose (Assigned AD: Éric Vyncke)
Ignas Network Configuration Mahesh Jethanandani , Kent Watsen
Ignas Network Modeling Lou Berger , Joel Jaeggli , Kent Watsen
Ignas Operations and Management Area Working Group Joe Clarke , Tianran Zhou
Warren Operational Security Capabilities for IP Network Infrastructure Ron Bonica , Jen Linkova
Benjamin RADIUS EXTensions Lionel Morand , Stefan Winter (Assigned AD: Benjamin Kaduk)
Warren SIDR Operations Chris Morrow , Keyur Patel
Warren IPv6 Operations Fred Baker , Ron Bonica

Routing Area (rtg)

rtg Area Directors (ADs)

rtg area-specific web pages

rtg active WGs (24)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Martin Babel routing protocol Donald Eastlake , Russ White
Martin BGP Enabled ServiceS Matthew Bocci , Stephane Litkowski
Martin Bidirectional Forwarding Detection Jeffrey Haas , Reshad Rahman
Alvaro Bit Indexed Explicit Replication Tony Przygienda , Greg Shepherd
Deborah Common Control and Measurement Plane Daniele Ceccarelli , Fatai Zhang
Deborah Deterministic Networking Lou Berger , János Farkas
Martin Interface to the Routing System Susan Hares , Russ White
Alvaro Inter-Domain Routing Susan Hares , John Scudder
Deborah Locator/ID Separation Protocol Joel Halpern , Luigi Iannone
Alvaro Link State Routing Christian Hopps , Acee Lindem
Alvaro Link State Vector Routing Victor Kuarsingh , Gunter Van de Velde
Alvaro Mobile Ad-hoc Networks Ronald in 't Velt
Deborah Multiprotocol Label Switching Loa Andersson , Nicolai Leymann , Tarek Saad
Martin Network Virtualization Overlays Sam Aldrin , Matthew Bocci
Deborah Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services Stewart Bryant , Andrew Malis
Deborah Path Computation Element Dhruv Dhody , Julien Meuric
Alvaro Protocols for IP Multicast Mike McBride , Stig Venaas
Deborah Reliable and Available Wireless Eve Schooler , Rick Taylor
Alvaro Routing In Fat Trees Jeff Tantsura , Zhaohui Zhang
Alvaro Routing Over Low power and Lossy networks Dominique Barthel , Ines Robles
Martin Routing Area Working Group Chris Bowers , Jeff Tantsura
Martin Service Function Chaining Jim Guichard , Joel Halpern
Martin Source Packet Routing in Networking Bruno Decraene , Rob Shakir
Deborah Traffic Engineering Architecture and Signaling Vishnu Beeram , Lou Berger

Security Area (sec)

sec Area Directors (ADs)

sec area-specific web pages

sec active WGs (23)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Benjamin Authentication and Authorization for Constrained Environments Daniel Migault , Jim Schaad
Roman Automated Certificate Management Environment Yoav Nir , Rich Salz
Benjamin CBOR Object Signing and Encryption Matthew Miller , Ivaylo Petrov
Benjamin CURves, Deprecating and a Little more Encryption Daniel Migault , Rich Salz
Benjamin DDoS Open Threat Signaling Valery Smyslov , Liang Xia
Roman EAP Method Update Joseph Salowey , Mohit Sethi
Roman Interface to Network Security Functions Linda Dunbar , Yoav Nir
Benjamin IP Security Maintenance and Extensions Tero Kivinen , Yoav Nir
Benjamin Common Authentication Technology Next Generation Robbie Harwood
Benjamin Lightweight Authenticated Key Exchange Stephen Farrell , Mališa Vučinić
Roman Limited Additional Mechanisms for PKIX and SMIME Tim Hollebeek , Russ Housley
Alexey Managed Incident Lightweight Exchange Nancy Cam-Winget , Takeshi Takahashi (Assigned AD: Alexey Melnikov)
Benjamin Messaging Layer Security Nick Sullivan , Sean Turner
Roman Web Authorization Protocol Rifaat Shekh-Yusef , Hannes Tschofenig
Roman Remote ATtestation ProcedureS Nancy Cam-Winget , Kathleen Moriarty , Ned Smith
Roman Security Automation and Continuous Monitoring Christopher Inacio , Karen O'Donoghue
Roman Security Dispatch Richard Barnes , Kathleen Moriarty , Francesca Palombini
Benjamin Security Events Dick Hardt , Yaron Sheffer
Roman Software Updates for Internet of Things Russ Housley , Dave Thaler , David Waltermire
Benjamin Trusted Execution Environment Provisioning Nancy Cam-Winget , Tirumaleswar Reddy.K
Benjamin Transport Layer Security Joseph Salowey , Sean Turner , Christopher Wood
Roman Token Binding John Bradley , Leif Johansson
Roman Public Notary Transparency Melinda Shore , Paul Wouters

Transport Area (tsv)

tsv Area Directors (ADs)

tsv area-specific web pages

tsv active WGs (11)

Group Responsible AD Name Chairs
Mirja Application-Layer Traffic Optimization Vijay Gurbani , Jan Seedorf
Magnus Delay/Disruption Tolerant Networking Marc Blanchet , Rick Taylor
Mirja IP Performance Measurement Bill Cerveny , Tommy Pauly , Ian Swett , Brian Trammell
Mirja Multipath TCP Philip Eardley , Yoshifumi Nishida
Magnus Network File System Version 4 David Noveck , Brian Pawlowski
Magnus QUIC Lars Eggert , Mark Nottingham , Lucas Pardue
Mirja RTP Media Congestion Avoidance Techniques Anna Brunstrom , Colin Perkins
Magnus Transport Services Aaron Falk , Zaheduzzaman Sarker
Mirja TCP Maintenance and Minor Extensions Yoshifumi Nishida , Michael Scharf , Michael Tüxen
Magnus TURN Revised and Modernized Gonzalo Camarillo , Simon Perreault
Magnus Transport Area Working Group David Black , Wesley Eddy , Gorry Fairhurst