X.400 Operations (x400ops) Concluded WG

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
RFCs (6 hits)
RFC 1405 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-mapsmail)
Mapping between X.400(1984/1988) and Mail-11 (DECnet mail)
19 pages
Experimental RFC
Obsoleted by RFC2162
RFC 1465 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-mhs-service)
Routing Coordination for X.400 MHS Services Within a Multi Protocol / Multi Network Environment Table Format V3 for Static Routing
31 pages
Experimental RFC
RFC 1502 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-charactersets)
X.400 Use of Extended Character Sets
14 pages
Historic RFC
RFC 1648 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-postmaster)
Postmaster Convention for X.400 Operations
4 pages
Historic RFC
RFC 1649 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-mgtdomains-ops)
Operational Requirements for X.400 Management Domains in the GO-MHS Community
14 pages
Informational RFC
RFC 1664 (was draft-ietf-x400ops-dnsx400maps)
Using the Internet DNS to Distribute RFC1327 Mail Address Mapping Tables
23 pages
Experimental RFC
Obsoleted by RFC2163