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Verisign Inc.'s General License Statement

Submitted: March 18, 2015 under the rules in RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879

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I. Patent Holder/Applicant ("Patent Holder")

Holder legal name Verisign Inc.

II. Patent Holder's Contact for Licence Application

Holder contact name Paul Livesay
Holder contact email licensing@verisign.com
Holder contact info

VP and Counsel
Verisign Global Law
12061 Bluemont Way
Reston, VA 20190
T: +1 (703) 948-4245

III. Disclosure of Patent Information i.e., patents or patent applications required to be disclosed by RFC 3979 as updated by RFC 4879

A. For granted patents or published pending patent applications, please provide the following information:

Patent, Serial, Publication, Registration, or Application/File number(s)

US Published Patent Application No. US20130173497; “Methods and systems for creating new domains”, published Jul 4, 2013 and the corresponding European Patent Application EP 2611112 A1, published Jul 3, 2013

B. Does this disclosure relate to an unpublished pending patent application?:

Has patent pending No

IV. Statement


This disclosure does not relate to a specific IETF I-D or specification; however it does pertain to EPP Extension "Registry Mapping for EPP" (see: http://www.verisigninc.com/assets/epp-sdk/verisign_epp-extension_registry_v00.html)

V. Contact Information of Submitter of this Form

Submitter name Matthew Ward
Submitter email mward@verisign.com

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