Security Area Directorate (secdir)

Directorate (with reviews) Name Security Area Directorate
Acronym secdir
Area Security Area (sec)
State Active
Additional Resources
- Security Directorate Review Process
Personnel Chairs Benjamin Kaduk 
Roman Danyliw 
Area Director Benjamin Kaduk 
Secretary Tero Kivinen 
Reviewers Aanchal Malhotra 
Adam Montville 
Alan DeKok 
Alexey Melnikov 
Barry Leiba 
Ben Laurie 
Benjamin Kaduk 
Brian Weis 
Carl Wallace 
Catherine Meadows 
Charlie Kaufman 
Chris Lonvick 
Christian Huitema 
Christopher Wood 
Dacheng Zhang 
Dan Harkins 
Daniel Franke 
Daniel Gillmor 
Daniel Migault 
David Mandelberg 
David Waltermire 
Derek Atkins 
Derrell Piper 
Donald Eastlake 
Francesca Palombini 
Hilarie Orman 
John Bradley 
Joseph Salowey 
Kathleen Moriarty 
Klaas Wierenga 
Kyle Rose 
Leif Johansson 
Liang Xia 
Linda Dunbar 
Loganaden Velvindron 
Magnus Nystrom 
Mališa Vučinić 
Matthew Miller 
Melinda Shore 
Nancy Cam-Winget 
Ólafur Guðmundsson 
Paul Wouters 
Phillip Hallam-Baker 
Radia Perlman 
Rich Salz 
Rifaat Shekh-Yusef 
Robert Sparks 
Roman Danyliw 
Russ Housley 
Russ Mundy 
Samuel Weiler 
Sandra Murphy 
Scott Kelly 
Sean Turner 
Shaun Cooley 
Shawn Emery 
Stefan Santesson 
Stephen Farrell 
Steve Hanna 
Taylor Yu 
Tero Kivinen 
Tim Polk 
Tina Tsou 
Tirumaleswar Reddy.K 
Tobias Gondrom 
Valery Smyslov 
Vincent Roca 
Watson Ladd 
Yaron Sheffer 
Yoav Nir 
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The Security Area Directorate provides support to the IETF Security Area Directors. The group consists of the Working Group Chairs of the Security Area and selected individuals chosen for their technical knowledge in security and their willingness to work with other groups within the IETF to help provide security throughout IETF protocols.

The security directorate is currently reviewing all IETF documents that pass through the IESG as a way to help the security area directors improve their efficiency. More information about the Security Directorate Review Process.

For a list of the current directorate members, see the ​list of subscribers to the secdir mailing list.

The directorate can be contacted by sending e-mail to secdir@…. The list archives are available at ​