Routing Area (rtg)

Area Name Routing Area
Acronym rtg
State Active
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Personnel Area Directors Alvaro Retana 
John Scudder 
Martin Vigoureux 


The Routing Area is responsible for ensuring continuous operation of the Internet routing system by maintaining the scalability and stability characteristics of the existing routing protocols, as well as developing new protocols, extensions, and bug fixes in a timely manner. Forwarding methods (such as destination-based unicast and multicast forwarding, MPLS, and pseudowire) as well as associated routing and signalling protocols (such as OSPF, IS-IS, BGP, RSVP-TE, LDP, PIM, L1-, L2-, and L3-VPNs) are within the scope of the Routing Area. Traffic engineering routing and signaling protocols are in scope, as is the architecture and protocols for the Path Computation Element that helps to select end-to-end paths for traffic-engineered routing. The Routing Area also works on Generalized MPLS used in the control plane of optical networks as well as security aspects of the routing system. The Routing Area has recently developed a routing protocol (RPL) for use in low-powered and lossy networks.

The Routing Area intersects most frequently with the Internet Area, the Operations & Management Area, and the Security Area. Interaction with the Internet Area concentrates mainly on IP Forwarding and Multicast. With the Operations & Management Area the focus is on MIB development. With the Security area the focus is on routing protocol security.

Current work in the Routing Area has some overlap with work in other SDOs, in particular interactions with the ITU-T on MPLS-TP.