Multimedia mail meeting notes
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Network Working Group                                     Harry Forsdick
Request for Comments: 910                               BBN Laboratories
                                                             August 1984

                     Multimedia Mail Meeting Notes

Status of this Memo

   This memo is a report on a meeting about the experimental multimedia
   mail system (and in a sense a status report on that experiment).
   Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

1. Introduction

   A meeting was held at Bolt Beranek and Newman on 23-24 July 1984 to
   discuss recent progress by groups who are building multimedia mail
   systems and to discuss a variety of issues related to the further
   development of multimedia systems.  Representatives were present from
   BBN, ISI, SRI and Linkabit.  The list of attendees appears at the end
   of this note.

   The result of this meeting is a series of agreements that will be
   incorporated in the next set of experiments with multimedia mail as
   well as a set of items for further action.

   Note: There are references in this document to notes in a series
   devoted to multimedia mail.  These notes are available on-line in the
   directory [USC-ISIF]<MMM> and have the names MMM-N.TXT where N is the
   note number.  The file MMM-INDEX.TXT is a list of all of the notes in
   the series.  These public files may be copied via FTP using the FTP
   username ANONYMOUS and password GUEST.

2. Review of Status

   Status reports on work accomplished in the last year were given by
   each organization.

2.1. BBN

   The initial implementation of Diamond is complete and runs on the
   Jericho workstation.  Diamond currently supports the exchange of
   compound documents which contain text, graphics, images, voice and
   spreadsheet/charts.  A demonstration of this system was presented
   showing both the user's view of Diamond messages and message
   management as well as the interactions between the components of this
   distributed system. Diamond currently uses the TOPS-20 implementation
   of MPM for inter-cluster message transport but the plan is to
   integrate an implementation of MPM for the Sun Workstation into
   Diamond.  Current activity is focused on porting Diamond to the Sun
   Workstation.  A first version of Diamond for the Sun is nearly

Forsdick                                                        [Page 1]

RFC 910                                                      August 1984
Multimedia Mail Meeting Notes

   completed and parts (the document editor) were demonstrated running
   on the Sun.  Diamond will be used in the ADDCOMPE testbed with
   100-200 users expected in the next year or so.  Future plans include
   building on the experience gained with Diamond in the area of
   multimedia conferencing, extending the use of multimedia into other
   application areas and applying the distributed architecture of
   Diamond to other application areas.

2.2. ISI

   A new effort aimed at developing a user interface on a Xerox 1108
   (Dandelion) workstation has just begun.  All of the implementation is
   being done in Interlisp.  Initial work has been done to implement IP
   and TFTP on the 1108 as well as a document editor that makes use of
   the Interlisp-D window system.  Work on the user interface that was
   developed on the Perq will be cycling down.  The implementation of
   the MPM on TOPS-20 is essentially complete with the addition of MPM
   to SMTP mail conversion; no major changes are anticipated.  The
   TOPS-20 MPM will be used as the message transport facility for the
   1108 user interface implementation.  TFTP will be used to get
   messages from the 1108 to the TOPS-20.

2.3. SRI

   The SRI multimedia mail system consists of three parts: The
   Multimedia Mail Handler (MMH) which is the user's interface for
   managing mail, the Structure Editor (SE) which is used to view and
   compose multimedia messages and the MPM for mail transport.  This
   system is implemented on the Sun Workstation.  The first release of
   the MPM on the Sun will be ready for distribution at the end of this
   summer.  The SE is used to view and compose structures of multimedia
   objects.  Currently there is support for text, voice and graphics.

   Another effort at SRI involves integration of applications to run in
   the ADDCOMPE testbed.  Diamond will be the first example of an
   application which uses multimedia data in the testbed.  SRI is
   interested in examining the issues associated with multimedia systems
   to determine how multimedia data can be used in other applications
   that might be put into the testbed.

2.4. Linkabit

   Linkabit has recently received a contract to work on protocol
   evaluation, problems associated with working in a large internet
   environment, and new real-time end-to-end services.  They will be
   working with Sun workstations.  Areas of interest are protocols,
   multimedia conferencing and domains.
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