RFC 3978 Update to Recognize the IETF Trust
RFC 4748

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Obsoleted by RFC 5378
Updates RFC 3978
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Network Working Group                                    S. Bradner, Ed.
Request for Comments: 4748                            Harvard University
BCP: 78                                                     October 2006
Updates: 3978
Category: Best Current Practice

              RFC 3978 Update to Recognize the IETF Trust

Status of This Memo

   This document specifies an Internet Best Current Practices for the
   Internet Community, and requests discussion and suggestions for
   improvements.  Distribution of this memo is unlimited.

Copyright Notice

   Copyright (C) The IETF Trust (2006).


   This document updates RFC 3978 "IETF Rights in Contributions" to
   recognize that the IETF Trust is now the proper custodian of all
   IETF-related intellectual property rights.

   This document does not constrain how the IETF Trust exercises those

1.  Introduction

1.1.  IETF Trust

   Currently the IETF requires that authors of Contributions to the IETF
   grant to the IETF (meaning the full set of participants in the IETF
   Standards Process) a limited set of non-exclusive rights and
   permissions as part of the process of submitting such Contribution.
   These rights and permissions are detailed in "IETF Rights in
   Contributions" (RFC 3978 - BCP 78) [RFC3978].

   The IETF Trust was recently formed to act as the administrative
   custodian of all copyrights and other intellectual property rights
   relating to the IETF Standards Process that had previously been held
   by ISOC and the Corporation for National Research Initiatives (CNRI)
   (see [IETF_Trust_Agmt]).

   The IETF is supported by an IETF Administrative Support Activity
   (IASA) defined in BCP 101 [BCP101].  BCP 101 was updated by [RFC4371]
   to recognize the creation of the IETF Trust.

Bradner                  Best Current Practice                  [Page 1]
RFC 4748            RFC 3978 Update for IETF Trust          October 2006

   This document updates RFC 3978 in order to recognize the IETF Trust
   and to implement the structure needed to support it.  Most
   importantly, it alters the license-grant path as follows:  whereas
   previously, authors of Contributions to the IETF would grant a
   license to ISOC, such authors will grant a license to the IETF Trust
   (in Section 3.3).  This document concerns itself only with changes to
   RFC 3978 needed to recognize the creation of the IETF Trust.

   This introductory section is to provide context for the reader.
   Section 2 of this document is intended to be normative.

2.  Updates to RFC 3978

   The text of RFC 3978 is hereby updated as set forth below to reflect
   the creation of the IETF Trust.

2.1.  Update Introduction

   In the third paragraph of Section 2, replace "IETF and Internet
   Society (ISOC)" with "IETF Trust and the IETF" and replace "IETF and
   ISOC" with "IETF Trust and the IETF".

2.2.  Update Section 3.3

   In Section 3.3, replace two instances of "ISOC and the IETF" and one
   instance of "IETF and ISOC" with "IETF Trust and the IETF".

2.3.  Update Section 3.4

   In Section 3.4(b), add "IETF Trust, " after "IETF,".

2.4.  Update Section 4.2

   In Section 4.2, replace two instances of "ISOC and the IETF" and one
   instance of "IETF and ISOC" with "IETF Trust and the IETF".

2.5.  Update Section 5

   In Section 5 change two instances of "ISOC" to "IETF Trust".

2.6.  Update Copyright Statement

   Replace "Internet Society" with "IETF Trust" in the copyright
   statement in Section 5.4.

2.7.  Update Section 5.5

   In Section 5.5 insert ", THE IETF TRUST" after "INTERNET SOCIETY".

Bradner                  Best Current Practice                  [Page 2]
RFC 4748            RFC 3978 Update for IETF Trust          October 2006

2.8.  Update Section 5.6

   In Section 5.6, replace all occurrences of "Internet Society" or
   "ISOC" with "IETF Trust".

2.9.  Update Section 7.1

   In Section 7.1, replace two instances of "IETF/ISOC" with "IETF Trust
   and IETF".

2.10.  Update Section 8

   In Section 8, insert ", the IETF Trust" after "ISOC".

3.  Security Considerations

   This type of process document does not have a direct impact on the
   security of the Internet or Internet protocols.

4.  References

4.1.  Normative References

   [RFC3978]         Bradner, S., Ed., "IETF Rights in Contributions",
                     BCP 78, RFC 3978, March 2005.

   [BCP101]          Austein, R. and B. Wijnen, "Structure of the IETF
                     Administrative Support Activity (IASA)," BCP 101,
                     RFC 4071, April 2005.

   [RFC4371]         Carpenter, B. and L. Lynch, Ed., "BCP 101 Update
                     for IPR Trust," RFC 4371, January 2006.

   [IETF_Trust_Agmt] www.ietf.org/trust/IETFtrustAgreement20051208.pdf

Editor's Address

   Scott Bradner
   Harvard University
   29 Oxford St.
   Cambridge MA, 02138

   Phone: +1 617 495 3864
   EMail: sob@harvard.edu

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