Building an X.500 Directory Service in the US
RFC 1943

Document Type RFC - Informational (May 1996; No errata)
Author Barbara Jennings 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                        B. Jennings
Request for Comments: 1943                    Sandia National Laboratory
Category: Informational                                         May 1996

             Building an X.500 Directory Service in the US

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  This memo
   does not specify an Internet standard of any kind.  Distribution of
   this memo is unlimited.


   This document provides definition and recommends considerations that
   must be undertaken to operate a X.500 Directory Service in the United
   States.  This project is the work performed for the Integrated
   Directory Services Working Group within the Internet Engineering Task
   Force, for establishing an electronic White Pages Directory Service
   within an organization in the US and for connecting it to a wide-area
   Directory infrastructure.

   Establishing a successful White Pages Directory Service within an
   organization requires a collaborative effort between the technical,
   legal and data management components of an organization. It also
   helps if there is a strong commitment from the higher management to
   participate in a wide-area Directory Service.

   The recommendations presented in the document are the result of
   experience from participating in the Internet White Pages project.

Table of Contents

   1.0     Introduction                                            2
   1.1     Purpose of this Document                                2
   1.2     Introduction to Directory Services                      2
   2.0     The X.500 Protocol                                      4
   2.1     Introduction                                            4
   2.2     Directory Model                                         4
   2.3     Information Model                                       5
   2.4     Benefits and Uses for X.500 Directory Service           6
   2.5     Other Applications of X.500                             7
   3.0     Legal Issues                                            8
   3.1     Introduction                                            8
   3.2     Purpose of the Directory                                8
   3.3     User Rights                                             9
   3.4     Data Integrity                                          9

Jennings                     Informational                      [Page 1]
RFC 1943     Building an X.500 Directory Service in the US      May 1996

   3.5     Protection of the Data                                 10
   3.6     Conclusions                                            10
   4.0     Infrastructure                                         11
   4.1     Introduction                                           11
   4.2     A Well Maintained Infrastructure                       11
   4.3     DUA Interfaces for End Users                           12
   5.0     Datamanagement & Pilot Projects                        13
   5.1     Simple Internet White Pages Service                    13
   5.2     InterNIC                                               13
   5.3     ESnet                                                  14
   6.0     Recommendations                                        14
   6.1     General                                                14
   6.2     Getting Started                                        14
   6.3     Who are the Customers                                  14
   6.4     What are the Contents of the Directory                 15
   6.5     What are the Rights of the Individuals                 15
   6.6     Data Integrity                                         16
   6.7     Data Security                                          16
   6.8     Data Administration                                    17
   6.9     Conclusion                                             17
   7.0     References                                             18
   8.0     Glossary                                               19
   9.0     Security Considerations                                22
   10.0    Author's Address                                       22

1.0     Introduction

1.1     Purpose of this Document

   This document provides an introduction for individuals planning to
   build a directory service for an organization in the US. It presents
   an introduction to the technical, legal, and organizational aspects
   of a directory service. It describes various options to organizations
   who want to operate an X.500 Directory service and illustrates these
   with examples of current X.500 service providers.

1.2     Introduction to Directory Services

   An electronic directory server is an electronic process that provides
   a list of information provided via electronic access. This
   information is variable in content, however it should be explicitly
   defined by the directory purpose. Information about people,
   organizations, services, network hardware are just a few examples of
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