A Strategic Plan for Deploying an Internet X.500 Directory Service
RFC 1430

Document Type RFC - Informational (February 1993; No errata)
Authors Steve Kille  , Russ Hobby  , Erik Huizer  , Stephen Kent  , Vinton Cerf 
Last updated 2013-03-02
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Network Working Group                                S. Hardcastle-Kille
Request for Comments: 1430                              ISODE-Consortium
                                                               E. Huizer
                                                              SURFnet bv
                                                                 V. Cerf
                           Corporation for National Research Initiatives
                                                                R. Hobby
                                         University of California, Davis
                                                                 S. Kent
                                                Bolt, Beranek and Newman
                                                           February 1993

                   A Strategic Plan for Deploying an
                    Internet X.500 Directory Service

Status of this Memo

   This memo provides information for the Internet community.  It does
   not specify an Internet standard.  Distribution of this memo is


   There are a number of reasons why a new Internet Directory Service is
   required.  This document describes an overall strategy for deploying
   a Directory Service on the Internet, based on the OSI X.500 Directory
   Service.  It then describes in more detail the initial steps which
   need to be taken in order to achieve these goals, and how work
   already undertaken by Internet Engineering Task Force Working Groups
   (IETF WGs) is working towards these goals.

Table of Contents

   1.    REQUIREMENTS                                                  2
   2.    SUMMARY OF SOLUTION                                           3
   3.    INFORMATION FRAMEWORK                                         3
   3.1   The Technical Model                                           3
   3.2   Extending the Technical Model                                 4
   3.3   The Operational Model                                         5
   4.    NAME ASSIGNMENT                                               5
   5.    DIRECTORY INFRASTRUCTURE                                      6
   5.1   Short Term Requirements                                       7
   5.2   Medium Term Requirements                                      9
   5.3   Long Term Requirements                                        9
   6.    DATAMANAGEMENT                                                9
   6.1   Legal Issues                                                 10
   7.    TECHNICAL ISSUES                                             10

Hardcastle-Kille, Huizer, Cerf, Hobby & Kent                    [Page 1]
RFC 1430                     X.500 Strategy                February 1993

   7.1   Schema                                                       11
   7.2   Use on the Internet                                          11
   7.3   Replication of Knowledge and Data                            12
   7.4   Presentation of Directory Names                              13
   7.5   DSA Naming and MD Structure                                  13
   8.    SECURITY                                                     13
   8.1   Directory Provision of Authentication                        14
   8.2   Directory Security                                           15
   9.    RELATION TO DNS                                              16
   10.   EXTERNAL CONNECTIONS                                         16
   11.   REFERENCES                                                   17
   12.   Security Considerations                                      19
   13.   Authors' Addresses                                           20


   There is substantial interest in establishing a new Directory Service
   on the Internet. In the short term, there is pressure to establish
   two new services:

   -  White Pages lookup of users;

   -  Support for X.509 Authentication for a range of applications in
      particular for Privacy Enhanced mail [Lin89].

   In the medium term, there are likely to be many requirements for
   Directory Services, including:

   - General resource lookup, for information ranging from committee
     structures to bibliographic data;

   - Support of management of the Internet infrastructure, and
     integration of configuration information into the higher level

   - Support of applications on the Internet. For example:

      o  Electronic distribution lists;
      o  Capability information on advanced user agents;
      o  Location of files and archive services.

   - Support for Mail Handling Systems; Be they RFC-822 based or X.400
     based (IETF MHS-DS WG), e.g.,:

      o  Support for routing;
      o  Info on User agent capabilities; essential for a usage of
         Multimedia mail like MIME (Multipurpose Internet Mail

Hardcastle-Kille, Huizer, Cerf, Hobby & Kent                    [Page 2]
RFC 1430                     X.500 Strategy                February 1993
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