Bidirectional Remote Procedure Call on RPC-over-RDMA Transports

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Subject: Protocol Action: 'Bi-directional Remote Procedure Call On RPC-over-RDMA Transports' to Proposed Standard (draft-ietf-nfsv4-rpcrdma-bidirection-08.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Bi-directional Remote Procedure Call On RPC-over-RDMA Transports'
  (draft-ietf-nfsv4-rpcrdma-bidirection-08.txt) as Proposed Standard

This document is the product of the Network File System Version 4 Working

The IESG contact persons are Mirja K├╝hlewind and Spencer Dawkins.

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Technical Summary

   Minor versions of Network File System (NFS) version 4 newer than
   minor version 0 work best when Remote Procedure Call (RPC) transports
   can send RPC transactions in both directions on the same connection.
   This document describes how RPC transport endpoints capable of Remote
   Direct Memory Access (RDMA) convey RPCs in both directions on a
   single connection.

Working Group Summary

   These documents have been non-controversial within the working group
   and there is broad support for the work.

Document Quality

   The document quality is high.  There has been very good review and input
   from the working group throughout the process.  There is very good
   implementation experience in this area and was the reason why the
   document was originally suggested as a working group item - an outcome
   of implementation of the existing RPC RDMA capabilities.


   Document Author/Shepherd:  Spencer Shepler
   Area Director: Spencer Dawkins