kx509 Kerberized Certificate Issuance Protocol in Use in 2012

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 04 and is now closed.

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Comment (2012-06-11 for -04)
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Nice capture of issues by Stephen in the IESG note in the write-up. (Not sure this is the right place to capture it, but so long as the ISE finds it, who cares?)

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Comment (2012-06-12 for -04)
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I support Barry's DISCUSS on this document.

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Comment (2012-06-25 for -05)
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[*** Update: the following comment has been addressed in the -05 version; thanks! ***]

Stephen notes my concern about the "not (previously) standardized" bit in the abstract.  But I want to elevate it above a kinda-sorta comment, and say that this document *does* constitute an end run around krb-wg if "(previously)" is not removed, in that it tries to mislead readers about the standard status of this document, and only krb-wg can write a kerberos standard.  (I'm sure that's not the intent, and that the author will likely be happy to remove the word; I just want to be sure about keeping it on the record.)

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