Network Data Management Protocol

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Title Network Data Management Protocol
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The Network Data Management Protocol (NDMP) defines a network-based 
mechanism and protocol for controlling backup, recovery, and other 
transfers of data between primary and secondary storage.  The NDMP 
architecture separates the network attached Data Management Application 
(DMA), Data Servers and Tape Servers participating in archival or 
recovery operations.  NDMP also provides low-level control of tape 
devices and SCSI media changers. The XDR and TCP/IP protocols are 
foundations for NDMP.  The key goals of NDMP include interoperability, 
contemporary functionality, extensibility, internationalization, 
security, and insuring data integrity.

The NDMP Working Group will enhance the protocol to provide generic
support for widely desired new features and excise the biases that 
the protocol's interoperability.  The NDMP Working Group provides the 
forum for the discussion and advancement of the NDMP standard.  The 
objective of this NDMP Working Group is to advance the state of NDMP 
standards by producing a version 5 specification and other NDMP version 
5 standardization and protocol efforts, including a standard version 5
extensions document.  

NDMP version 5 will be submitted as an Internet Standards Track RFC. 
first phase of working group activity is to produce a new requirements 
document for NDMP version 5.  Such a requirements document will 
the limitations and deficiencies of current NDMP versions, propose 
level solutions for improvements, and rate the importance of different 
solutions.  Following the publication of this document, work will begin 
on producing version 5 of the NDMP specification. It is anticipated 
NDMP version 5 will emphasize the following features: 

Restartability and Checkpoints 
Improved Authentication 
Firewall Compatibility 
Generalization for Non-UNIX Environments 
Data Management of Data Sets Beyond File Systems 
Snapshot Management 
Multi-source or Multi-destination Sessions 
Standardization of Environment Variables 

Further information on these objectives can be found in the document, 
"Requirements for Network Data Management Protocol Version 5." 

NDMP Version 5 Requirements Document 
NDMP Core Protocol Version 5 Document 
NDMP Standard Extensions Document 
NDMP Version 5 Implementation Guidelines Document