Active IRTF research groups

IRTF chair

Allison Mankin

Active research groups

Status Reports Chair Photos
Group Name Chairs
cfrg Crypto Forum Alexey Melnikov , Kenny Paterson
dinrg Decentralized Internet Infrastructure Proposed RG Dirk Kutscher , Melinda Shore
gaia Global Access to the Internet for All Jane Coffin , Arjuna Sathiaseelan
hrpc Human Rights Protocol Considerations Avri Doria , Niels ten Oever
iccrg Internet Congestion Control Jana Iyengar
icnrg Information-Centric Networking Dirk Kutscher , Borje Ohlman , David Oran
maprg Measurement and Analysis for Protocols Mirja Kühlewind , Dave Plonka
nfvrg Network Function Virtualization Ram Krishnan , Diego Lopez
nmrg Network Management Laurent Ciavaglia , Lisandro Granville
nwcrg Coding for efficient NetWork Communications Research Group Marie-Jose Montpetit , Vincent Roca
panrg Path Aware Networking Proposed RG Jen Linkova , Brian Trammell
t2trg Thing-to-Thing Carsten Bormann , Ari Keränen