Non-Working Group email lists

NameDescriptionList Info
101-newcomers Mailing list of newcomers (defined as anyone who has attended 5 or fewer meetings) at the IETF 101 that opt to be on list.
101all Mailing list of all 101 attendees for official communication
101attendees Mailing list of IETF 101 attendees that have opted in on this list
101companions Mailing list of companions of attendees at the IETF 101 that opt to be on list.
102-newcomers Mailing list of newcomers (defined as anyone who has attended 5 or fewer meetings) at the IETF 102 that opt to be on list.
102all Mailing list of all 102 attendees for official communication
102attendees Mailing list of IETF 102 attendees that have opted in on this list
102companions Mailing list of companions of attendees at the IETF 102 that opt to be on list.
3gpp-ietf-coord 3GPP IETF COORDINATION
3gv6 This mailing list is intended for discussions relating to the use of IPv6 in cellular networks.
5gangip Discussion of implications of the upcoming 5th Generation (fixed and) Mobile communication systems on IP protocols.
6761bis-dt Design Team for revision of RFC 6761, Special-Use Domain Names
6band 6lo Bootstrapping, Access for Networked Devices
6lo-fragmentation-dt 6lo Fragmentation Design Team
6tisch-security Extended Design Team for 6TiSCH security architecture
98all Mailing list of all 98 attendees for official communication
98all Mailing list of IETF 98 attendees that have opted in on this list.
aaa-doctors AAA Doctors E-mail List
abnf-discuss General discussion about tools, activities and capabilities involving the ABNF meta-language
aeon Application Enabled Open Networking (AEON)
anima-bootstrap Mailing list for the bootstrap design team of the ANIMA WG
anima-signaling Mailing list for the signaling design team of the ANIMA WG
anrp-select This is a private list used by the selection committee for the Applied Networking Research Prize (ANRP).
anrw-sc ANRW workshop series steering committee
anrw-tpc ANRW workshop series technical program committee
antitrust-policy Discuss the need for an antitrust or competition policy for the IETF.
apps-discuss General discussion of application-layer protocols
appsdir Apps Area Review List
architecture-discuss open discussion forum for long/wide-range architectural issues
art Applications and Real-Time Area Discussion
atlas Application Transport LAyer Security
bec BEC - Beyond Edge Computing
bridge-mib IETF Bridge MIB
captive-portals Discussion of issues related to captive portals
caris CARIS Mailing List
caris-attendees CARIS Workshop Attendees List
ccg IANA IPR Community Coordination Group
cdni-footprint CDNI Footprint and Capabilities Advertisement
cga-ext CGA and SeND Extensions
cgasec CGA-based Security discussion list
channel-binding Discussion of channel binding IANA registry requests and specifications
cnit Calling Name Identity Trust discussion list
codematch-develop "Discussion forum for the planning, coordination, and development of CodeMatch"
codesprints List for coordinating (and following up on) codesprint activities
codestand-develop "Discussion forum for the planning, coordination, and development of CodeStand"
collation Collation registration and discussion (see RFC 4790)
companions IETF Meeting Companions List
core-parameters Expert review of CoAP parameters.
cwt-reg-review CWT Registry Review
dclc Discussion of Data Center Latency Control
dcpel Mailing list for possible diffserv control plane elements WG
detnet-dp-dt DetNet WG Data Plane Design Team
dhcpv6bis DHCPv6 (RFC3315) bis discussion list
din Discussion of distributed Internet Infrastructure approaches, aspects such as Service Federation, and underlying technologies
dir-coord This is an e-mail alias for the organisers of IETF directorates.
diversity Diversity open mailing list
dlnex Discussion of reliable and deterministic latency attributes
dmarc-report Archive of DMARC reports for domain
dns-rrtype-applications List to send new DNS RRtype template applications
dnsi DNS Initiative
dnsoverhttp Discussion of DNS over HTTP
doc-dt Diameter Overload Control Design Team discussion list
domainrep Domain Reputation discussion list
driu DNS Resolver Identification and Use (DRIU).
dsfjdssdfsd The dsfjdssdfsd list provides a venue for discussion of randomness in IETF protocols, for example related to updating RFC 4086.
dt-iasa20 IASA 2.0 Design Team mailing list
dtn-interest The Delay-Tolerant Networking Research Group (DTNRG) - Announce.
eapext EAP Extensions
earlywarning Discussion list for the IETF Authority-to-Citizen Alert (atoca) working group.
ecn-in-quic ECN in the QUIC protocol discussion list.
edu-discuss IETF Education Discussion
efficientnd-dt 6man Efficient ND Design Team discussion list
ehip Discuss methods to protect email senders and receivers from disclosure of email headers to observers.
emo-dir Education, Mentoring & Outreach Directorate
emserv-discuss Emergency Services Discussion List
etosat The EToSat list is a non-WG mailing list used to discuss performance implications of running encrypted transports such as QUIC over satellite.
fecframe-proto Fecframe protocol design team
forces-protocol forces-protocol
gen-art GEN-ART: General Area Review Team
gen-art-private Private GEN-ART list
ggie Discuss IETF-related items surfaced in the W3C GGIE Task Force
ghost Mailing list for GatHering and reOrganizing STandards information (GHOST) team
hackathon Discussion regarding past, present, and future IETF hackathons.
happiana IANA Registry Happiness
hiaps Host Identification, Address and Prefix Sharing in Wi-Fi Access (hiaps)
homenet-babel-sec Homenet Babel Security
homesec-dt 'Advanced' Home Gateway Security Design Team List
hr-rt Human Rights Protocol Considerations Review Team
http-devops Discussion about operation, deployment and testing of HTTP
http-issues HTTP issue updates
http-state Discuss HTTP State Management Mechanism
http-use Discussion and review of IETF protocols that use HTTP and related Web technologies (sometimes called "RESTful" protocols)
http-well-known Discussion of HTTP Well-Known URIs
httpevol HTTP/Web Evolution Program
i-d-announce Internet Draft Announcements only
i18n-discuss Internationalization Program Open Discussion List
i2rs-proto-dt I2RS protocol design team
iab Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
iab-stream Target for IAB Stream emails
iaoc-rps Remote Participation Services Subcommittee mailing list
ibnemo Discussion of Nemo, an intent-based North Bound (NB) interface consisting of an application protocol running over HTTP (RESTful interfaces) to exchange intent-based primitives between applications and meta-controllers controlling virtual network resources
icalendar iCalendar
ice-issues Announce-only list for activity on the ICE working group's issue list
icnrg-harmonization ICN Harmonization Discussion
idna-update Internationalized Domain Names in Applications (IDNA) implementation and update discussions
idnet The IDNet (Intelligence-Defined Network)
ieee-ietf-coord Management-level discussions between IEEE and IETF on topics of interest to both SDOs
iesg-agenda-dist Distribution of IESG agendas
iesg-scribes People that scribe for the IESG
ietf IETF-Discussion
ietf-822 Discussion of issues related to Internet Message Format [RFC 822, RFC 2822, RFC 5322]
ietf-announce IETF announcement list. No discussions.
ietf-community-india List for IETF participants from India that is used to coordinate events internal to India.
ietf-cycling Discussion list for finding good routes around IETF meeting venues for cycling, and for sharing cycling-related experiences with IETF participants
ietf-dkim IETF DKIM List
ietf-hub-bangalore For IETFers in Bangalore, India
ietf-hub-boston For IETFers in the Boston area.
ietf-iana IETF - IANA group mailing list
ietf-liaisons Mail list of external ietf liaisons (closed list)
ietf-meetings IETF meetings discussion list
ietf-mentees Open discussion between IETF Mentor Participants
ietf-mentoring-discuss This mailing list is set up to discuss issues and suggestions related to the IETF mentoring program. It is open any one interested.
ietf-mentors Open discussion between IETF Mentor volunteers
ietf-message-headers Discussion list for header fields used in Internet messaging applications.
ietf-nomcom Discussions of possible revisions to the NomCom process
ietf-outcomes IETF Outcomes Wiki discussion list
ietf-privacy Internet Privacy Discussion List
ietf-runners A list for IETF runners.
ietf-sailors Discussion list to plan sailing events collocated with IETF meetings.
ietf-smtp Discussion of issues related to Simple Mail Transfer Protocol (SMTP) [RFC 821, RFC 2821, RFC 5321]
ietf-sow SOW Feedback List
ietfmibs IETF MIB Discussion list
ila Identifier Locator Addressing
ilc Discussion of mechanisms and applications for Internet-level consensus.
imap5 Discussion on drastically slimming-down IMAP.
independent Discussion of RFC Editor independent submissions proposal
inip-discuss IAB Internet Names and Identifiers Discussion List
int-dir This list is for discussion between the members of the Internet Area directorate.
internetgovtech Internet Governance and IETF technical work
iot-dir Mailing list for the IoT Directorate Members
iotsi Internet of Things Semantic Interoperability Workshop
iotsu IoT Software Update
ipdir Internet Area IP Directorate
ipevol IP Evolution Initiative
ipoverib IP over InfiniBand WG Discussion List
ipr-announce For keeping updated on new IETF IPR disclosures
ipr-wg IPR-WG
iprp This list is for discussions relating to the potential setup of a new IETF working group devoted to iPRP (Parallel Redundancy Protocol for IP Networks)
irsg This is the IRSG private list. It consists of the IRTF Chair, the IAB Chair, IRTF Research Group Chairs, and IRSG At-Large members.
irtf-announce IRTF-Announce
irtf-discuss IRTF general and new-work discussion list
ischedule Internet Calendar Scheduling Protocol (iSchedule) discussion list
iucg internet users contributing group
jose-reg-review The JSON Web Algorithm standard (RFC 7518) establishes this email list for designated experts to discuss proposed changes, additions, and removals to the set of algorithms in the JSON Object Signing and Encryption (JOSE) registry,
jwt-reg-review Expert review of proposed IANA registrations for JSON Web Token (JWT) claims.
kaml Discussions about SAML and Kerberos intersections
kmart Discussion list for key management for routing and transport protocols
legal To bring legal matters to the attention of the IETF
loi-requests Letters of Invite Requestors
lsd Loosely-coupled SIP Devices (LSD) working group discussion list
maitai Multi-stream Attributes for Improving Telepresence Application Interoperability
marnew Managing Radio Networks in an Encrypted World
marnew-pc MaRNEW Workshop Program Committee
mavs Multiprovider End-to-end VPN Services
mcast-wifi Discussions related to issues with multicast in 802.11 Wi-Fi networks & solutions/optimizations targeted at resolving these issues.
mcic MCIC (Multiparty Content Integrity and Confidentiality) >
media-feature-tags discussion of media feature tags
media-types IANA mailing list for reviewing Media Type (MIME Type, Content Type) registration requests.
mentoring-coordinators IETF Mentoring Coordinators
mib-doctors MIB Doctors list
middisc Discussions on TCP option for middlebox discovery.
mif-arch-dt MIF Architecture Design Team mailing list
mpls-review MPLS Review
mpls-tp-manage IETF and ITU-T management of the MPLS-TP project
mtg-guests For communication between the traveling companions (friends, family) of IETF meeting attendees.
multimobsec-api Multihoming, mobility and security APIs
nethistory Matching net historical materials with institutions that may preserve them
netmod-ds-dt Updated YANG Datastore Design Team Mailing list
netmod-ver-dt NetMod WG YANG Model Versioning Design Team
nfvcon NFV (Network Function Virtualization) Configuration and Modeling
nsaas *NSaaS: Network Security as a Service mailing list*
nsis-imp List for implementation questions for NSIS protocols
ntdp define standards for the purpose of scripting of network testing equipment
ntpwg NTPWG list
nvo3-dt-encap Private mailing list for internal NVO3 Encapsulation Design Team discussions
oauth-ext-review Review of proposed IANA registrations for OAuth.
oauth-security-reports Information about security vulnerabilities concerning the OAuth specifications and OAuth implementations
obscurity-interest Discussion of communications obscurity and real-time communications.
off-path-bof BOF: Path-decoupled Signaling for Data
omcast pre-BOF overlay multicast discussions
openv6 Openv6 discussion list
ops-area OPS Area e-mail list
ops-dir Ops Directorate
panic Posture Assessment Through Network Information Collection (panic)
patient Protecting against Attacks Tunneling In Encrypted Network Tunnels
pm-dir Performance Metrics Directorate Discussion list
pntaw Discussion list for practices related to proxies, NATs, TURN, and WebRTC
pop3ext Discussion of extensions and updates to Post Office Protocol (POP3)
privsec-discuss Privacy and Security Discussion List
proxies Discussion list for ad hoc group interested in security and proxies
qirg Quantum Internet (proposed) RG
qos_inband Discussion of in-band methods for Quality-of-service signaling
quic-issues Notification list for GitHub issues related to the QUIC WG
rai Real-time Applications and Infrastructure (RAI)
rat Remote Attestation Procedures (RAP)
rats Remote Attestation Procedures
recentattendees Recent IETF Attendees
recipe RECIPE (Reducing Energy Consumption with Internet Protocols Exploration)
remote-mentors List for IETF remote mentors.
revampers A discussion list for the IETF community review committee for the public-facing IETF website revamp project.
rfc-markdown rfc-markdown is a discussion list for people writing I-Ds and RFCs in Markdown and the authors of the tools used for that.
roll-bier-dt ROLL WG Design Team for bitstring addressing. See
routing-discussion Routing Area General mailing list
rsoc RSOC Program List
rsvp-dir RSVP directorate
rt-media-ng Discussion of new architecture and protocol updates to Real-Time Media (Voice and Video) over IP
rtg-dir Routing Area Directorate
rtg-dt-encap-considerations Routing Area Design Team on Encapsulation Considerations discussion list
rtg-dt-security Routing Area Security Design Team
rtg-dt-yang-arch Routing Area Yang Architecture Design Team
rtg-mibs Routing MIB experts
rtg-ooam-dt List is used by the Routing Area Overlay OAM Design team for internal coordination and discussion
rtg-open-source Discussion and collaboration for Open Source efforts related to the Routing Area
rtg-yang-coord "List to discuss coordination between the Routing related YANG models"
saa IETF Sergeant-At-Arms
saag Security Area Advisory Group
sami State Migration
scsn Scalable Clock Synchronization Network- Discussion of Scalable Clock Synchronization Network.
sdp-directorate-private Private mailing list for administrative discussions of the members of the SDP directorate.
secdir Security Area Directorate
semi-workshop SEMI Workshop Mailing List
shutup SMTP Headers Unhealthy To User Privacy
sica Standard Interface for Cryptographic APIs
siesta SessIon layEr SecuriTy Approach discussion list.
sip-clf SIP Common Log File format discussion list
sip-http-events SIP HTTP Events
sip-ops SIP Operations
sipapis Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Application Programming Interfaces (APIs) for Rich Internet Applications (RIA) discussion list.
solace "Smart Object Lifecycle Architecture for Constrained Environments" discussion list
sop Service Orchestration and Desciption for Cloud Services
spb-isis The members of this list will discuss the requirements, functionality and extensions to ISIS to support 802.1aq.
sshmgmt This list will discuss SSH key management practices. The starting point will be to consider what to do with draft-ylonen-sshkeybcp
stackevo-discuss IP Stack Evolution Discussion List
systers List for organising BoFs and other events related to the participation of women in the IETF standards process.
tae Transport Architecture Evolution
tao-discuss Discussion of the Tao of the IETF
tap Test Anything Protocol WG discussions
teaching List to discuss freely available college and university course materials that help educators teach Internet technology.
tech-plenary Plenary Planning Program
tlp-interest Discussion of proposed revisions to the Trust Legal Provisions
tls-implementers List for IETF related work for TLS
tls-reg-review TLS REVIEW
tofoo Discussion list for Tunneling over Foo (with)in IP networks (TOFOO).
tools-discuss IETF Tools Discussion
tools-team The purpose of the TOOLS team is to provide IETF feedback and guidance during the development of software tools to support various parts of IETF activities.
trust-router ABFAB Trust Router discussion list.
tsv-area IETF Transport and Services Area Mailing List
tsv-art Transport Area Review Team
tsv-dir IETF Transport Area Directorate Mailing List
tsv-triage TSV Triage Team
tzdist-bis Extensions to Time Zone Data Distribution Service
tzdist-service Discussion of Time Zone Distribution Service registration requests
uri-review Proposed URI Schemes
urn-nid discussion of new namespace identifiers for URNs
videomgmt MIB development for the Video Industry
vmeet IETF remote participation meeting services discussion
vot Vectors of Trust discussion list
wax Web Attribute Exchange
webfinger Discussion of the Webfinger protocol proposal in the Applications Area
webrevamp Mail list for the IETF website redesign project team.
webtools Comments and bug-repors about IETF WebTools
wellknown-uri-review Well-Known URI review list
wpack Web Packaging
xml-mime Discussion of XML media types and issues relating to their use in MIME.
xml2rfc-dev Discussion about particulars of xml2rfc V3 design, development and code.
yang-doctors Email list of the yang-doctors directorate
yang-multicast YANG Multicast
yot Yang of Things