Seisho Yasukawa

RFCs (8)

rfc4461 Apr 2006 Signaling Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint Traffic-Engineered MPLS Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
Cited by 16 RFCs
rfc4687 Sep 2006 Operations and Management (OAM) Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS Networks
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc4875 May 2007 Extensions to Resource Reservation Protocol - Traffic Engineering (RSVP-TE) for Point-to-Multipoint TE Label Switched Paths (LSPs)
Cited by 47 RFCs
rfc4972 Jul 2007 Routing Extensions for Discovery of Multiprotocol (MPLS) Label Switch Router (LSR) Traffic Engineering (TE) Mesh Membership
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc5439 Feb 2009 An Analysis of Scaling Issues in MPLS-TE Core Networks
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc5671 Oct 2009 Applicability of the Path Computation Element (PCE) to Point-to-Multipoint (P2MP) MPLS and GMPLS Traffic Engineering (TE)
Cited by 6 RFCs
rfc5862 Jun 2010 Path Computation Clients (PCC) - Path Computation Element (PCE) Requirements for Point-to-Multipoint MPLS-TE
Cited by 3 RFCs
rfc6425 Nov 2011 Detecting Data-Plane Failures in Point-to-Multipoint MPLS - Extensions to LSP Ping
Cited by 12 RFCs

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