Gerardo Giaretta

RFCs (7)

rfc4640 Sep 2006 Problem Statement for bootstrapping Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6)
Cited by 7 RFCs
rfc5026 Oct 2007 Mobile IPv6 Bootstrapping in Split Scenario
Cited by 15 RFCs
rfc5637 Sep 2009 Authentication, Authorization, and Accounting (AAA) Goals for Mobile IPv6
Cited by 1 RFC
rfc5778 Feb 2010 Diameter Mobile IPv6: Support for Home Agent to Diameter Server Interaction
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc6088 Jan 2011 Traffic Selectors for Flow Bindings
Cited by 7 RFCs
rfc6089 Jan 2011 Flow Bindings in Mobile IPv6 and Network Mobility (NEMO) Basic Support
Cited by 6 RFCs
rfc6612 May 2012 Interactions between Proxy Mobile IPv6 (PMIPv6) and Mobile IPv6 (MIPv6): Scenarios and Related Issues

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