Shepherd writeup

1. Summary

Shepherd: Martin Thomson
Responsible AD: Alexey Melnikov

This document updates two RFCs defining the /.well-known/ path for URLs in HTTP
(5785) and thewebsocketprotocol (8307).  The only meaningful change is to relax
some of the constraints on registrations to allow for a broader set of uses.
For instance, service discovery is now expressly permitted.

There are also a number of editorial improvements and an expansion of the
security considerations.

2. Review and Consensus

The main change in this document is the result of some contention about the
intent of the mechanism and some lengthy discussions in plenary (e.g.,
A mailing list for discussing this was established after that most recent
discussion: <>.

3. Intellectual Property

The author confirmed that IPR has been disclosed.

4. Other Points

The checklist is clean.