Shepherd writeup

[Note that this write-up has been edited and resubmitted - see below for details]

This document is proposed for publication as an Informational RFC on the Independent Stream.

The document presents a unified problem statement and introduces a solution for managing multiconnectivity, where end-user devices can simultaneously connect to multiple networks based on different access technologies and network architectures like WiFi, LTE, DSL.

The document states "The solution has been developed based on the authors' experience in multiple standards bodies including the IETF and 3GPP and is not an Internet Standard."

The ideas were brought to the IntArea Working Group meeting at IETF-96. However, it fell off the end of the agenda.
The work was flagged on the IntArea WG mailing list three times (20160719, 20161024, 20170316) but failed to get any response at all.

This work was first brought to the ISE in October 2017 on Nevil Brownlee's watch as draft-kanugovi-intarea-mams-protocol as the first in a promised set of four documents. After discussion, the content of that document, draft-zhu-intarea-mams-control-protocol, and draft-agarwal-intarea-mams-protocol-json were merged into the current draft.

This draft has had several reviews including by the current ISE that have improved the content and made clearer that the work is outside the IETF.

The document was originally sent to the IESG for 5742 review in September 2018. The responsible AD, Suresh Krishnan, conducted an initial review and made some suggestions for revision of the document. The request for 5742 review was withdrawn, and the authors worked on updating the draft.