Shepherd writeup

Write-up for:
  Operation of the IP Flow Information Export
    (IPFIX) Protocol on IPFIX Mediators

=== 1. Summary ===

Document shepherd: Nevil Brownlee
Responsible Area Director: Joel Jaegli

This document specifies the operation of the IP Flow Information
Export (IPFIX) protocol specific to IPFIX Mediators, including
Template and Observation Point management, timing considerations, and
other Mediator-specific concerns.

The document is intended to be a Proposed Standard.  It explains,
in detail, how IPFIX Mediators should be configured so that IPFIX
Exporters and Collectors can work properly (i.e. produce correct
expected behaviour) through them.

=== 2. Review and Consensus ===

This draft was first submitted in December 2011.  Two of its authors
are also authors of the two IPFIX Mediation RFCs, 5982 and 6183.
Since then it has received ongoing low-activity-level discussion on
the IPFIX list.  It has also been discussed at each IETF meeting since
then; consensus from those meetings was that the work covered by this
draft was needed so that IPFIX mediators could be deployed and used

It has been carefully reviewed by Rahul Patel, Paul Aitken and Andrew
Ferren; the issues they raised have been addressed in successive

The draft acknowledges that this work on this is partially supported
by the mPlane project, implying that there is strong interest in it
within mPlane.

Overall I believe that there is clear consensus within the WG for
this draft.

=== 3. Intellectual Property ===

No IPR disclosures have been made directly on this draft, IPR
on it has not been discussed in the WG.

Each author has stated that their direct, personal
knowledge of any IPR related to this document has already been
disclosed, in conformance with BCPs 78 and 79.

=== 4. Other Points ===

This document has a downward reference to RFC 7011 - this draft
will be a Proposed Standard, 7011 is an Internet Standard.

Its IANA Considerations clearly state what IANA is being asked
to do, i.e. add five new IPFIX Information Elements to the 
IPFIX Information Element Registry.  These have been discussed
at IETF meetings with all four of the IE-Doctors present.

The ID-nits checker has some other complaints; the RFC Editor will
fix those.

Overall, I believe that this draft is ready for publication as
an RFC.

==== . ====