Shepherd writeup

Shepherd review of draft-ietf-intarea-broadcast-consider-04

1. Summary

The document shepherd is Juan Carlos Zuniga. The responsible Area Director is Suresh Krishnan.

This document highlights potential privacy issues that take place when protocol designers make use of broadcast / multicast messages 
to exchange information that can expose individuals to privacy threats. 

The work has been backed up by experimental data, both at the IETF and elsewhere.

The document also provides useful considerations for protocol designers to avoid creating those privacy issues.

2. Review and Consensus

The docuement was discussed at length in the WG, following some experiments that were made over the IETF network. 
Because of the obviousness of the issues and usefulness of the document, there was little real discussion about the intention the document. 

There were comments for completeness from C. Huitema, T. Chown, T. Hebert, J. Touch, and myself, and these were all addressed.
We believe the working group is solidly behind this work. 

I found some editorial errors during the shepherd review, but they have been corrected and everything looks fine now.

3. Intellectual Property

Each author has confirmed conformance with BCP 78/79. There are no IPR disclosures on the document.

4. Other Points

There is a single normative downref to RFC 2119, "Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels" 
due to the use of SHOULD throughout the text.