Shepherd writeup

draft-huitema-rfc-eval-project has been presented for publication on the Independent Submission's stream as an Informational RFC.

The document presents the author's research into the time taken to publish an RFC from initial inception as an Internet-Draft up to publication. It then tries to make some observations about where the time is spent and why.

This document was developed by an IAB member, but after discussion within the IAB it was agreed that this represented an individual's research and opinions and should not be published as an IAB RFC. Since the work clearly concerns the IETF, it falls within the scope of the Independent Submission's stream.

The ISE commissioned a number of reviews as well as commenting on the document himself. Much of the discussion centred around the validity of the statistics used and whether any firm conclusions could be drawn. The author updated the document to recognise the limitations of small samples, and to note that the conclusions were personal opinions. Indeed, the author has been highly accommodating of all suggestions for improving the document except that of widening the survey (which would have been considerable additional work.

There are no requests for IANA action.