Uniform Resource Identifiers (uribof)

WG Name Uniform Resource Identifiers
Acronym uribof
Area Applications Area (app)
State BOF Concluded
Charter (None)
Dependencies Document dependency graph (SVG)
Personnel Chair Larry Masinter 
Mailing list Address uri@bunyip.com
To subscribe uri-request@bunyip.com
Jabber chat Room address xmpp:uribof@jabber.ietf.org?join
Logs https://jabber.ietf.org/logs/uribof/

Charter for Working Group

Not chartered yet.

Done milestones

Date Milestone
Done Submit the URL document to the IESG for publication as a Proposed Standard RFC.
Done Submit URL document as an Internet-Draft. Review additional draft documents and determine necessary revisions. Follow up discussion will occur on mailing list.
Done Review and approve the charter making any changes deemed necessary. Examine the scope of the recommended documents. Review the first draft of a proposal for Uniform Resource Locators already available.