Securing Neighbor Discovery (send) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2004-08-20 (System) Concluded group
2004-05-23 (System) Changed milestone "Submit draft-ietf-send-cga-xx.txt and draft-ietf-send-ipsec-xx.txt to IESG for approval.", resolved as "Done"
2003-10-15 (System) Changed milestone "Intermediate drafts for draft-ietf-send-cga-xx.txt and draft-ietf-send-ipsec-xx.txt submitted to selected reviewers.", resolved as "Done"
2003-05-01 (System) Changed milestone "Initial draft for CGA, draft-ietf-send-cga-00.txt.", resolved as "Done"
2003-04-30 (System) Changed milestone "Complete draft-ietf-send-psreq-xx.txt and send to IESG for approval.", resolved as "Done"
2003-03-31 (System) Changed milestone "Complete selection of a public key scheme. Initial draft of key distribution protocol, draft-ietf-send-ipsec-00.txt.", resolved as "Done"
2002-12-28 (System) Changed milestone "First draft of draft-ietf-send-psreq-00.txt, the combined Neighbor Discovery threats and trust model drafts.", resolved as "Done"
2002-10-03 (System) Started group
2002-09-13 (System) Proposed group