Network Printing Protocol (npp) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
1994-02-18 (System) Concluded group
1993-05-06 (System)
Changed milestone "Review the draft LPR specification.  Discuss long-range printing issues in the Internet. Review status of Palladium print system at Project Athena.", resolved as …
1990-06-01 (System) Changed milestone "Submit LPR specification for publication as an RFC.", resolved as "Done"
1990-05-01 (System) Changed milestone "Submit final LPR specification including changes suggested at the May IETF.  Discuss document on mailing list.", resolved as "Done"
1990-04-01 (System) Changed milestone "Write draft LPR specification.", resolved as "Done"
1990-02-08 (System) Changed milestone "Review and approve the charter, making any changes deemed necessary. Review the problems of printing in the Internet.", resolved as "Done"
1990-02-07 (System) Started group
1990-02-07 (System) Proposed group