Multicast Extensions to OSPF (mospf) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2001-05-21 (System) Concluded group
1992-02-29 (System) Changed milestone "Submit the MOSPF Specification to the IESG as a Proposed Standard.", resolved as "Done"
1990-12-01 (System) Changed milestone "Report on implementations of the new multicast OSPF.  Fix any problems in the specification that were found by the implementations.", resolved as "Done"
1990-10-02 (System) Changed milestone "Review outline of proposed changes to OSPF.  Identify any unresolved issues and, if possible, resolve them.", resolved as "Done"
1990-10-02 (System)
Changed milestone "Become familiar with the IGMP protocol as documented in RFC 1112.  Survey existing work on multicast routing, in particular, Steve      Deering's …
1990-10-02 (System)
Changed milestone "The group should have a draft specification.  Discuss the specification and make any necessary changes.  Discuss implementation methods, using as an example, the …
1990-10-01 (System) Started group
1990-10-01 (System) Proposed group