Internetworking Over NBMA (ion) Concluded WG

Group History

Date By Action
2000-06-15 (System) Concluded group
1997-11-13 (System)
Changed milestone "Submit NHRP, RFC 1577 revisions, and server synchronization to the IESG as a Proposed Standard, complete the ATMARP to NHRP transition plan and …
1997-07-27 (System) Changed milestone "Publish the IP over ATM Framework document (now RFC 1932), submit the MARS draft to IESG as a Proposed Standard.", resolved as "Done"
1997-07-01 (System)
Changed milestone "Revise drafts on NHRP, 1577 revisions, server synchronization (applicable to both NHRP and ATMARP), multicast server and broadcast for ATM, IPv6 neighbor discovery, …
1997-02-03 (System)
Changed milestone "Submit IPv6 neighbor discovery, classical IP and NHRP MIBs, router-router NHRP, ATM UNI 4.0 signaling (RFC 1755 update), multicast server and broadcast for …
1996-09-30 (System) Changed milestone "IAB and IESG review of WG Status, and plans. This meeting will be scheduled to occur during SIGCOMM '96.", resolved as "Done"
1996-05-31 (System) Changed milestone "Begin work on internetworking over Frame Relay SVCs (RFC 1490 extension), using NHRP for address resolution.", resolved as "Done"
1996-05-21 (System) Started group
1996-05-06 (System) Proposed group