Leo Vegoda

RFCs (9)

rfc5735 Jan 2010 Special Use IPv4 Addresses
Cited by 76 RFCs
rfc5736 Jan 2010 IANA IPv4 Special Purpose Address Registry
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc5737 Jan 2010 IPv4 Address Blocks Reserved for Documentation
Cited by 16 RFCs
rfc5771 Mar 2010 IANA Guidelines for IPv4 Multicast Address Assignments
Cited by 34 RFCs
rfc6319 Jul 2011 Issues Associated with Designating Additional Private IPv4 Address Space
rfc6441 Nov 2011 Time to Remove Filters for Previously Unallocated IPv4 /8s
rfc6491 Feb 2012 Resource Public Key Infrastructure (RPKI) Objects Issued by IANA
Cited by 5 RFCs
rfc6890 Apr 2013 Special-Purpose IP Address Registries
Cited by 18 RFCs
rfc8190 Jun 2017 Updates to the Special-Purpose IP Address Registries
Cited by 2 RFCs

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