John T. Wroclawski

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RFCs (10)

rfc2210 Sep 1997 The Use of RSVP with IETF Integrated Services
Cited by 46 RFCs
rfc2211 Sep 1997 Specification of the Controlled-Load Network Element Service
Cited by 36 RFCs
rfc2215 Sep 1997 General Characterization Parameters for Integrated Service Network Elements
Cited by 17 RFCs
rfc2216 Sep 1997 Network Element Service Specification Template
Cited by 11 RFCs
rfc2309 Apr 1998 Recommendations on Queue Management and Congestion Avoidance in the Internet
Cited by 40 RFCs
rfc2597 Jun 1999 Assured Forwarding PHB Group
Cited by 53 RFCs
rfc2746 Jan 2000 RSVP Operation Over IP Tunnels
Cited by 15 RFCs
rfc2815 May 2000 Integrated Service Mappings on IEEE 802 Networks
Cited by 4 RFCs
rfc2998 Nov 2000 A Framework for Integrated Services Operation over Diffserv Networks
Cited by 17 RFCs
rfc3006 Nov 2000 Integrated Services in the Presence of Compressible Flows
Cited by 3 RFCs

Active Drafts (0)

John has no active drafts as of 2021-04-20.