Stephane Litkowski


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rfc7917 Jul 2016 Advertising Node Administrative Tags in IS-IS
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rfc8102 Mar 2017 Remote-LFA Node Protection and Manageability
rfc8299 Jan 2018 YANG Data Model for L3VPN Service Delivery
rfc8333 Mar 2018 Micro-loop Prevention by Introducing a Local Convergence Delay
rfc8402 Jul 2018 Segment Routing Architecture
rfc8405 Jun 2018 Shortest Path First (SPF) Back-Off Delay Algorithm for Link-State IGPs
rfc8541 Mar 2019 Impact of Shortest Path First (SPF) Trigger and Delay Strategies on IGP Micro-loops
rfc8611 Jun 2019 Label Switched Path (LSP) Ping and Traceroute Multipath Support for Link Aggregation Group (LAG) Interfaces