Scott O. Bradner

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rfc1242 Jul 1991 Benchmarking Terminology for Network Interconnection Devices
rfc1550 Dec 1993 IP: Next Generation (IPng) White Paper Solicitation
rfc1752 Jan 1995 The Recommendation for the IP Next Generation Protocol
rfc1923 Mar 1996 RIPv1 Applicability Statement for Historic Status
rfc1944 May 1996 Benchmarking Methodology for Network Interconnect Devices
rfc2026 Oct 1996 The Internet Standards Process -- Revision 3
rfc2028 Oct 1996 The Organizations Involved in the IETF Standards Process
rfc2057 Nov 1996 Source Directed Access Control on the Internet
rfc2119 Mar 1997 Key words for use in RFCs to Indicate Requirement Levels
rfc2182 Jul 1997 Selection and Operation of Secondary DNS Servers
rfc2208 Sep 1997 Resource ReSerVation Protocol (RSVP) -- Version 1 Applicability Statement Some Guidelines on Deployment
rfc2339 May 1998 An Agreement Between the Internet Society, the IETF, and Sun Microsystems, Inc. in the matter of NFS V.4 Protocols
rfc2357 Jun 1998 IETF Criteria for Evaluating Reliable Multicast Transport and Application Protocols
rfc2418 Sep 1998 IETF Working Group Guidelines and Procedures
rfc2436 Oct 1998 Collaboration between ISOC/IETF and ITU-T
rfc2438 Oct 1998 Advancement of MIB specifications on the IETF Standards Track
rfc2556 Mar 1999 OSI connectionless transport services on top of UDP Applicability Statement for Historic Status
rfc2690 Sep 1999 A Proposal for an MOU-Based ICANN Protocol Support Organization
rfc2691 Sep 1999 A Memorandum of Understanding for an ICANN Protocol Support Organization
rfc2780 Mar 2000 IANA Allocation Guidelines For Values In the Internet Protocol and Related Headers
rfc3113 Jun 2001 3GPP-IETF Standardization Collaboration
rfc3131 Jun 2001 3GPP2-IETF Standardization Collaboration
rfc3233 Feb 2002 Defining the IETF
rfc3356 Aug 2002 Internet Engineering Task Force and International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunications Standardization Sector Collaboration Guidelines
rfc3427 Dec 2002 Change Process for the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
rfc3667 Feb 2004 IETF Rights in Contributions
rfc3668 Feb 2004 Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology
rfc3751 Apr 2004 Omniscience Protocol Requirements
rfc3978 Mar 2005 IETF Rights in Contributions
rfc3979 Mar 2005 Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology
rfc4053 Apr 2005 Procedures for Handling Liaison Statements to and from the IETF
rfc4748 Oct 2006 RFC 3978 Update to Recognize the IETF Trust
rfc4775 Dec 2006 Procedures for Protocol Extensions and Variations
rfc5237 Feb 2008 IANA Allocation Guidelines for the Protocol Field
rfc5241 Apr 2008 Naming Rights in IETF Protocols
rfc5378 Nov 2008 Rights Contributors Provide to the IETF Trust
rfc5871 May 2010 IANA Allocation Guidelines for the IPv6 Routing Header
rfc6116 Mar 2011 The E.164 to Uniform Resource Identifiers (URI) Dynamic Delegation Discovery System (DDDS) Application (ENUM)
rfc6756 Sep 2012 Internet Engineering Task Force and International Telecommunication Union - Telecommunication Standardization Sector Collaboration Guidelines
rfc6815 Nov 2012 Applicability Statement for RFC 2544: Use on Production Networks Considered Harmful
rfc7127 Jan 2014 Characterization of Proposed Standards
rfc7691 Nov 2015 Updating the Term Dates of IETF Administrative Oversight Committee (IAOC) Members
rfc8179 May 2017 Intellectual Property Rights in IETF Technology

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