Mark Allman

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rfc2414 Sep 1998 Increasing TCP's Initial Window
rfc2428 Sep 1998 FTP Extensions for IPv6 and NATs
rfc2488 Jan 1999 Enhancing TCP Over Satellite Channels using Standard Mechanisms
rfc2525 Mar 1999 Known TCP Implementation Problems
rfc2577 May 1999 FTP Security Considerations
rfc2581 Apr 1999 TCP Congestion Control
rfc2760 Feb 2000 Ongoing TCP Research Related to Satellites
rfc2988 Nov 2000 Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer
rfc3042 Jan 2001 Enhancing TCP's Loss Recovery Using Limited Transmit
rfc3148 Jul 2001 A Framework for Defining Empirical Bulk Transfer Capacity Metrics
rfc3390 Nov 2002 Increasing TCP's Initial Window
rfc3465 Feb 2003 TCP Congestion Control with Appropriate Byte Counting (ABC)
rfc3517 Apr 2003 A Conservative Selective Acknowledgment (SACK)-based Loss Recovery Algorithm for TCP
rfc3708 Feb 2004 Using TCP Duplicate Selective Acknowledgement (DSACKs) and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP) Duplicate Transmission Sequence Numbers (TSNs) to Detect Spurious Retransmissions
rfc4653 Aug 2006 Improving the Robustness of TCP to Non-Congestion Events
rfc4782 Jan 2007 Quick-Start for TCP and IP
rfc5033 Aug 2007 Specifying New Congestion Control Algorithms
rfc5290 Jul 2008 Comments on the Usefulness of Simple Best-Effort Traffic
rfc5681 Sep 2009 TCP Congestion Control
rfc5827 Apr 2010 Early Retransmit for TCP and Stream Control Transmission Protocol (SCTP)
rfc6298 Jun 2011 Computing TCP's Retransmission Timer
rfc6675 Aug 2012 A Conservative Loss Recovery Algorithm Based on Selective Acknowledgment (SACK) for TCP

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