Liaison statement
ISO 14533-2

State Posted
Submitted Date 2021-04-29
From Group ISOTC154
From Contact ISO/TC 154
To Group IAB
To Contacts The IAB Chair
CcBenjamin Kaduk
Roman Danyliw
Tim Hollebeek
Russ Housley
Limited Additional Mechanisms for PKIX and SMIME Discussion List
Purpose For comment
Deadline 2021-05-06 Action Taken
Attachments ISO-TC154_N1216_ISO_14533-2_for_publication
Dear IAB Chair,

ISO 14533-2 has been revised and will be into the publication stage.
Considering the possibility relative with IETF, the attached final draft is
sent to you for a review. if you have any question or comments on it, please
fill in the comment template to me or to Mr. Naoto Miyachi
(, the project leader of ISO 14533-2.) before 6 May. Thanks.

 Best regards
 ISO/TC154 committee manager