Liaison statement
LS on new ITU-T Recommendations related to Immersive Live Experience (ILE); service scenarios, high-level requirement and architectural framework

State Posted
Submitted Date 2018-08-02
From Group ITU-T-SG-16
From Contact Simão de Campos
To Group IETF
To Contacts The IETF Chair
CcScott Mansfield
The IETF Chair
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments Requirements for immersive live experience (ILE) services
Architectural framework for immersive for live experience (ILE) services
Service scenario of immersive live experience
Keywords:       ILE; MMT
Abstract:       Q8/16 informs of the start of the approval process (AAP
Consent) of three of its work items on immersive live experience (ILE).

ITU-T Question 8/16 would like to inform you that the following new
Recommendations were consented at SG16 meeting in Ljubljana, 9-20 July 2018. – 
     H.430.3 (ex H.ILE-SS): Service scenario of immersive live experience (ILE)
–       H.430.1 (ex H.ILE-Reqs): Requirements for Immersive Live Experience
(ILE) services –       H.430.2 (ex H.ILE-FW): Architectural framework for
immersive live experience (ILE) services These Recommendations provide basic
information of ILE, such as use cases, definition, high-level requirement and
architectural framework, respectively. Q8/16 believes these Recommendations can
help your work on immersive services. Q8/16 would like to thank your
organization for providing information related to immersive services, and for
collaborating in the area of standardization work. Q8/16 still has a work item
on MMT profile for immersive live experience services, so would like to
continue further collaboration in study area of immersive services.

- H.430.1 (ex H.ILE-Reqs, SG16-TD219/PLEN) "Requirements for immersive live
experience (ILE) services" (New) - H.430.2 (ex H.ILE-FW, SG16-TD220/PLEN)
"Architectural framework for immersive for live experience (ILE) services"
(New) - H.430.3 (ex H.ILE-SS, SG16-TD221/PLEN) "Service scenario of immersive
live experience" (New)