Liaison statement
LS/r on the IAB statement on IPv6 (reply to TSAG - LS 3 -E)

State Posted
Submitted Date 2017-09-25
From Group ITU-T-SG-20
From Contact Cristina Bueti
To Group IAB
To Contacts The IAB Chair
The IAB Executive Director
CcScott Mansfield
The IAB Executive Director
The IAB Chair
Response Contact
Purpose For information
Attachments sp16-sg20-oLS-00051
Keywords: Reply Liaison statement , IAB statement on IPv6

Abstract: TSAG liaises with all ITU-T SGs on IAB statement on IPv6

This liaison answers TSAG - LS 3.

ITU-T Study Group 20 took note of the Internet Architecture Board (IAB)
statement related to the IPv6 and will develop its ITU-T Recommendations to
ensure that they will be able to operate completely on IPv6.

ITU-T SG20 would like to bring IAB’s attention that some of the work items
related to IPv6 are under discussion in Q3/20 include:

-Y.IPv6RefModel, "Reference Model of IPv6 Subnet Addressing Plan for Internet
of Things Deployment"

-Y.IPv6-suite,"Reference Model of Protocol Suite for IPv6 interoperable
Internet of Things Deployments"

-Supp-Y.IPv6-IoT,“IPv6 Potential for the Internet of Things and Smart Cities”

The work items listed above can be found at:,1,3,7&details=0&field=acdefghijo

ITU-T SG20 will continue to convey relevant information to IAB on pertinent
IPv6 matters.

ITU-T SG20 looks forward to close and fruitful cooperation with IAB.