Liaison statement
Liaison statement submitted by email from ITU-T-NGNMFG to Operations and Management Area on 2005-10-04

State Posted
Submitted Date 2005-10-04
To Group OPS
Purpose For information
Attachments Liaison to ITU-T SG 15 (Q14), TeleManagement Forum, 3GPP SA5, 3GPP2 TSG-S (WG5), ETSI TISPAN (WG8), ATIS TMOC, OASIS (WSDM), OSS/J, MEF, IPDR, DMTF, TTC, OCAF, and IETF Operations and Management Area (copy to SG 4)
Liaison Attachment : NGNMFG-OD-014-R2
Liaison Attachment Annex 1: The final NGNMFG terms of reference (v2.1)
Liaison Attachment Annex 2: The final NGNMFG EDH procedures (NGNMFG-AD-001-R3)
Liaison Attachment Annex 3: The final list of NGNMFG incoming and outgoing liaisons (NGNMFG-AD-002-R5)
Liaison Attachment Annex 4: The final list of management specification candidates (NGNMFG-AD-003-R1)
Liaison Attachment Annex 5: The final NGN Management Specification Roadmap (NGNMFG-OD-013-R2)