Liaison statement
Liaison statement: In response to " Initiation of Work on Packet and DWDM Optimization"

State Posted
Submitted Date 2013-05-29
From Group ccamp
From Contact Dave Sinicrope
To Contacts
CcDavid Sinicrope
Lou Berger
Deborah Brungard
Stewart Bryant
Adrian Farrel
Drew Rexrode II
Robin Mersh
Gabrielle Bingham
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Technical Contact
Purpose For information
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Liaisons referred by this one Initiation of Work on Packet and DWDM Optimization
We would like to thank the Broadband Forum for the information on your
"Achieving Packet Network Optimization using DWDM Interfaces" project. We
appreciate the Broadband Forum referencing the work of CCAMP.

Please keep us informed as you progress this work.

We look forward to working with the Broadband Forum.

Lou Berger
Deborah Brungard
CCAMP Working Group Co-Chairs