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Response to Liaison on the IPv6 Security Guideline - ITU-T Question 2/17

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Submitted Date 2012-08-20
From Group opsec
From Contact Eliot Lear
To Group ITU-T-SG-17
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CcEliot Lear
Warren Kumari
Gunter Van de Velde
KK Chittimaneni
Ronald Bonica
Benoit Claise
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Liaisons referred by this one Liaison on the IPv6 Security Guideline
Liaisons referring to this one Reply Liaison to IETF OPSEC WG on the IPv6 security guideline
The OPSEC working group thanks the ITU-T for its "Liaison on the IPv6 Security
Guideline". We discussed this document at our face to face (1 August 2012)
meeting in Vancouver.

The WG believes that the IPv6 security guideline has similarities with
draft-vyncke-opsec-v6. We believe the best course of action would be for
authors of both works to directly collaborate on issues raised in these drafts.

The OPSEC chairs will send for this purpose a separate email to the involved
parties to facilitate collaboration.