Operations & Management Area Open Meeting (opsarea)

Document Date Status IPR AD / Shepherd
RFCs (4 hits)
RFC 3291 (was draft-ietf-ops-rfc2851-update)
Textual Conventions for Internet Network Addresses
20 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
Obsoleted by RFC4001
RFC 3419 (was draft-ietf-ops-taddress-mib)
Textual Conventions for Transport Addresses
18 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
Bert Wijnen 
RFC 3595 (was draft-ietf-ops-ipv6-flowlabel)
Textual Conventions for IPv6 Flow Label
6 pages
Proposed Standard RFC
Randy Bush 
RFC 4181 (was draft-ietf-ops-mib-review-guidelines)
Guidelines for Authors and Reviewers of MIB Documents Errata
42 pages
Best Current Practice RFC
Updated by RFC4841
Bert Wijnen