IANA (iana-evolution)

Program Name IANA
Acronym iana-evolution
State Active
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Personnel Leads Jari Arkko
Stephen Farrell
Members Alissa Cooper
Barry Leiba
Jari Arkko
Jonne Soininen
Marc Blanchet
Russ Housley
Suzanne Woolf
Ted Hardie


The IANA program’s primary focus is the stewardship over the IANA functions for the Internet in General and the IETF in particular.

Its main focus is on:

  • the contractual relations between the US DoC and ICANN and the globalization thereof;
  • the IANA MoU (RFC2860) and related agreements between stakeholders;
  • the development of a vision with respect to the future of the IANA functions; and
  • implementation and interpretation of the above.

The program acts also as a think-tank and advises the IAB on strategic and liaison issues.

In some cases this group may provide guidance and insight on matters relating ICANN in general.

The group is not responsible for daily operational guidance, such as review of the SLA between the IETF and ICANN. Those responsibilities are delegated to the IETF Protocol Registries Oversight Committee (IPROC).

Work Items

The group focuses on the following high-level work items and responsibilities:

  • Identifying the desired strategic direction for the relationship of IETF, the IANA function, and other parties.
  • Tracking the developments surrounding the DoC IANA function contract and its globalization
  • Responding to specific developments and information requests on this topic

The group developed, maintains and advises on the implementation of the principles guiding the Evolution on the IANA Protocol Parameter Registries.