ART Area Review Team (artart)

Open review assignments

Request Type Assigned Deadline Reviewer Document state IESG Telechat
draft-ietf-i2nsf-nsf-monitoring-data-model-12 Last Call X2021-11-18 X 2021-12-01 Valery Smyslov Accepted In Last Call (ends 2021-12-01)
draft-ietf-acme-authority-token-tnauthlist-08 Telechat X2021-11-17 X 2021-11-30 Sean Turner Accepted IESG Evaluation 2021-12-02
draft-ietf-httpbis-priority-10 Last Call X2021-11-15 X 2021-11-29 Claudio Allocchio In Last Call (ends 2021-11-29)
draft-ietf-httpbis-http2bis-06 Last Call X2021-11-14 X 2021-11-26 3 days Jaime Jimenez Waiting for AD Go-Ahead
draft-ietf-spring-segment-routing-policy-14 Last Call X2021-11-11 X 2021-11-24 5 days Bernard Aboba Waiting for Writeup
draft-ietf-lamps-samples-05 Last Call X2021-11-08 X 2021-11-26 3 days Matthew Miller Waiting for Writeup
draft-ietf-cdni-uri-signing-22 Telechat X2021-10-26 X 2021-11-30 Darrel Miller IESG Evaluation::AD Followup 2021-12-02
draft-ietf-acme-authority-token-07 Last Call X2021-10-26 X 2021-11-30 Tim Bray IESG Evaluation 2021-12-02
draft-ietf-calext-ical-relations-08 Last Call X2021-10-15 X 2021-12-04 James Gruessing Waiting for AD Go-Ahead::Revised I-D Needed
draft-ietf-opsawg-ntf-10 Last Call X2021-10-15 X 2021-11-30 Alex Gouaillard IESG Evaluation 2021-12-02
draft-faltstrom-unicode12-04 Last Call X2021-10-12 X 2021-12-04 Peter Saint-Andre Waiting for AD Go-Ahead::AD Followup

Closed review requests and assignments


Closed review requests

Request Type Requested Deadline Closed State
draft-ietf-mpls-lsp-ping-ospfv3-codepoint Telechat X2021-11-18 by (System) 2021-11-30 2021-11-18 Team Will not Review Document
draft-eastlake-rfc6931bis-xmlsec-uris Last Call X2021-11-15 by (System) 2021-12-13 2021-11-15 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-acme-dtnnodeid Last Call X2021-11-15 by (System) 2021-11-29 2021-11-15 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-i2nsf-capability-data-model Last Call X2021-11-15 by (System) 2021-11-29 2021-11-15 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-bess-srv6-services Last Call X2021-11-10 by (System) 2021-11-24 2021-11-10 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-netconf-sztp-csr Last Call X2021-11-09 by (System) 2021-11-23 2021-11-09 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-i2nsf-nsf-facing-interface-dm Last Call X2021-11-02 by (System) 2021-11-23 2021-11-02 Team Will not Review Document
draft-ietf-tsvwg-rfc4960-bis Telechat X2021-10-29 by (System) 2021-12-14 2021-10-29 Team Will not Review Version

Closed review assignments

Request Type Assigned Deadline Closed Reviewer State Result
draft-ietf-rum-rue Last Call 2021-11-08 2021-11-12 2021-11-10 Rich Salz Completed Ready
draft-ietf-tls-external-psk-guidance Last Call 2021-11-03 2021-11-19 2021-11-03 Martin Thomson Completed Ready with Issues
draft-ietf-oauth-iss-auth-resp Last Call 2021-10-28 2021-11-17 2021-11-01 Julian Reschke Partially Completed Almost Ready
draft-eggert-bcp45bis Last Call 2021-10-21 2021-11-23 2021-11-23 Carsten Bormann Completed Ready with Issues
draft-ietf-rum-rue Last Call 2021-10-12 2021-11-12 2021-11-08 Jaime Jimenez Rejected