Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol
RFC 8881

Document Type RFC - Proposed Standard (August 2020; Errata)
Obsoletes RFC 5661
Authors David Noveck  , Chuck Lever 
Last updated 2020-10-17
Replaces draft-ietf-nfsv4-rfc5661-msns-update
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Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF)                    D. Noveck, Ed.
Request for Comments: 8881                                        NetApp
Obsoletes: 5661                                                 C. Lever
Category: Standards Track                                         ORACLE
ISSN: 2070-1721                                              August 2020

      Network File System (NFS) Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol


   This document describes the Network File System (NFS) version 4 minor
   version 1, including features retained from the base protocol (NFS
   version 4 minor version 0, which is specified in RFC 7530) and
   protocol extensions made subsequently.  The later minor version has
   no dependencies on NFS version 4 minor version 0, and is considered a
   separate protocol.

   This document obsoletes RFC 5661.  It substantially revises the
   treatment of features relating to multi-server namespace, superseding
   the description of those features appearing in RFC 5661.

Status of This Memo

   This is an Internet Standards Track document.

   This document is a product of the Internet Engineering Task Force
   (IETF).  It represents the consensus of the IETF community.  It has
   received public review and has been approved for publication by the
   Internet Engineering Steering Group (IESG).  Further information on
   Internet Standards is available in Section 2 of RFC 7841.

   Information about the current status of this document, any errata,
   and how to provide feedback on it may be obtained at

Copyright Notice

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   document authors.  All rights reserved.

   This document is subject to BCP 78 and the IETF Trust's Legal
   Provisions Relating to IETF Documents
   ( in effect on the date of
   publication of this document.  Please review these documents
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   This document may contain material from IETF Documents or IETF
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   10, 2008.  The person(s) controlling the copyright in some of this
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   than English.

Table of Contents

   1.  Introduction
     1.1.  Introduction to This Update
     1.2.  The NFS Version 4 Minor Version 1 Protocol
     1.3.  Requirements Language
     1.4.  Scope of This Document
     1.5.  NFSv4 Goals
     1.6.  NFSv4.1 Goals
     1.7.  General Definitions
     1.8.  Overview of NFSv4.1 Features
     1.9.  Differences from NFSv4.0
   2.  Core Infrastructure
     2.1.  Introduction
     2.2.  RPC and XDR
     2.4.  Client Identifiers and Client Owners
     2.5.  Server Owners
     2.6.  Security Service Negotiation
     2.7.  Minor Versioning
     2.8.  Non-RPC-Based Security Services
     2.9.  Transport Layers
     2.10. Session
   3.  Protocol Constants and Data Types
     3.1.  Basic Constants
     3.2.  Basic Data Types
     3.3.  Structured Data Types
   4.  Filehandles
     4.1.  Obtaining the First Filehandle
     4.2.  Filehandle Types
     4.3.  One Method of Constructing a Volatile Filehandle
     4.4.  Client Recovery from Filehandle Expiration
   5.  File Attributes
     5.1.  REQUIRED Attributes
     5.2.  RECOMMENDED Attributes
     5.3.  Named Attributes
     5.4.  Classification of Attributes
     5.5.  Set-Only and Get-Only Attributes
     5.6.  REQUIRED Attributes - List and Definition References
     5.7.  RECOMMENDED Attributes - List and Definition References
     5.8.  Attribute Definitions
     5.9.  Interpreting owner and owner_group
     5.10. Character Case Attributes
     5.11. Directory Notification Attributes
     5.12. pNFS Attribute Definitions
     5.13. Retention Attributes
   6.  Access Control Attributes
     6.1.  Goals
     6.2.  File Attributes Discussion
     6.3.  Common Methods
     6.4.  Requirements
   7.  Single-Server Namespace
     7.1.  Server Exports
     7.2.  Browsing Exports
     7.3.  Server Pseudo File System
     7.4.  Multiple Roots
     7.5.  Filehandle Volatility
     7.6.  Exported Root
     7.7.  Mount Point Crossing
     7.8.  Security Policy and Namespace Presentation
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