Updated Rules for Processing Stateful PCE Request Parameters Flags
RFC 8786

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Comment (2020-01-21 for -00)
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Section 6: s/MAY log the fact./MAY log that fact./

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Comment (2020-01-21 for -00)
Thanks for this clear and well-written document!  I just have a couple
of editorial comments that probably don't even need a response.

Section 4

   There will remain an issue with compatibility between implementations
   of RFC 8231 that might set any of the unassigned flags, and current
   (such as [RFC8281]) and future (such as
   [I-D.ietf-pce-lsp-control-request]) specifications.  That problem
   cannot be fixed in old implementations by any amount of
   documentation, and can only be handled for future specifications by
   obsoleting the Flags field and using a new technique.  Fortunately,
   however, most implementations will have been constructed to set
   unused flags to zero which is consistent with the behavior described
   in this document.

I had a little bit of trouble reading this, as I keep expecting the
first sentence to be saying that there is a legitimately-allocated flag
value that is set with intent to change behavior, but it doesn't really
say anything specifically about a flag value getting allocated (or

W.r.t. obsoleting Flags vs. relying on "most implementations" to be
consistent with this document's recommendations, is it worth being more
clear about the conclusion that this document is drawing, namely that
the risk of bad interactions is sufficiently small that there is no
desire to incur the cost of obsoleting/replacing the Flags field?

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[Thanks for addressing my DISCUSS.]

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