Secure Shell (SSH) Key Exchange Method Using Curve25519 and Curve448
RFC 8731

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Comment (2019-09-05)
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Thank you for addressing my COMMENTs.

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Comment (2019-09-03 for -10)
Mirja beat me to it with the questions re: the additional Copyright text -- I'd *thought* I'd seen a reply to that mail, but cannot seem to find it at the moment..

"An abort for these purposes is defined as a disconnect of the session with an appropriate SSH "protocol error" for the fault provided to or by the client. "
Fair enough -- but would it be possible to point at where people can go find out what the "appropriate SSH protocol error" is?

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Thanks for addressing my discuss and comment!

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Nothing to add but agreement with the ballots already in.

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Comment (2019-08-28 for -10)
The following text in Section 1:

   At the time of writing this specification, high-quality free
   implementations of Curve25519 has been in deployed use for several
   years, while Curve448 implementations are slowly appearing, so it is
   accepted that adoption of Curve448 would be slower.

would not age well once the RFC is published. I suggest this is moved from the draft to the shepherding write-up.

Also, SHA-256 and SHA-512 need to be normative references.

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Comment (2019-09-03 for -11)
Thanks for the work on documenting this key exchange method.

I'm a little surprised that there is no discussion of deployment considerations for deploying "curve25519-sha256" into an environment in which "" is already well-established (as described in the introduction), or of sunsetting the vendor-specific version. Some advice on which algorithms to offer and which ones to accept would probably be worthwhile, especially if there is any long-term hope of retiring the "" designator in favor of the standard one.

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s/This document provide/This document provides/

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Thank you for having fixed my DISCUSS and COMMENTs

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