NFS Version 4.0 Trunking Update
RFC 8587

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 03 and is now closed.

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Comment (2019-01-09 for -03)
General: I don't expect a change in approach this late in the process, but I think the approach of this update (replacing, inserting, and updating sections in the updated RFC) is pretty unfriendly to the readers. This would make sense if we actually rendered patched versions of updated RFCs, but we do not. This leaves readers to flip back and forth to figure out the context of each update. 

§1: s/"which enables"/"that enables"

§5.1 Does "updated introduction" to section 8.4 mean the same as "replaces section 8.4, but not it's subsections?"

§5.2.2 (and other sections that add a new subsection to 8.4). Are these assumed to be inserted in a particular location under 8.4? That is, can you state the new section numbers? Otherwise the reader is left to guess where these would be inserted.

§6: What is meant by "outside section 8"?

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Comment (2019-02-01 for -04)
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Thank you for addressing my DISCUSS points!

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Comment (2019-01-08 for -03)
Thank you for this document, and special thanks to Shwetha Bhandari for the OpsDir review.

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