P-Charge-Info: A Private Header Field (P-Header) Extension to the Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)
RFC 8496

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   Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)'
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 Technical Summary

The P-Charge-Info header field is a SIP header field that carries the identity/number used by the network for billing purposes. This information is separate from the Caller ID, which is carried in the P-Asserted-Identity or From header fields. Certain network configurations have found it useful to carry the billing identity separately, especially when it differs from the identify of the caller, for instance, when keeping track of billing information for an enterprise rather than the enterprise's various phone numbers. 

 Working Group Summary

This draft was originally discussed back in 2008 in the SIPPING working group and received a lot of feedback from participants, but was not adopted. At the time, the SIP change process (originally documented in RFC 3427) was being updated and the working group was shutting down (mailing list closed in 2011). There were no calls for adoption or for consensus on the SIPPING mailing list. This document shepherd's read of the archives is that participants were for the most part neutral about this draft, but willing to provide feedback. In general, SIPPING participants frowned upon new P- header fields, and that was reflected in the updated SIP change process (RFC 5727). 

This draft was also discussed briefly in the DISPATCH working group, but was not dispatched. A former RAI AD suggested that the authors should pursue AD-sponsorship of the draft. 

 Document Quality

This header field has been deployed in multiple networks since 2007. 

The Acknowledgements section of this document thanks the multiple people who have provided feedback over the years on this draft.

As per the SIP change process (RFC 5727), this draft was reviewed by the Designated Expert for SIP Header Fields, Adam Roach, in February 2018. His feedback was incorporated in the -03 version. 


Document Shepherd: Jean Mahoney
Responsible Area Director: Ben Campbell