A YANG Data Model for Hardware Management
RFC 8348

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 07 and is now closed.

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Comment (2018-01-08 for -07)
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Thanks for using the security consideration template and filling in the branches of concern.  This is helpful.

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Comment (2018-01-10 for -07)
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I have one correction and one question about the ietf-hardware YANG module.

         enum exa {
           value 14;
             "Data scaling factor of 10^15.";
         enum peta {
           value 15;
             "Data scaling factor of 10^18.";

I believe this is backwards -- "peta" should be 10^15, while "exa" should be 10^18.


     typedef sensor-value-precision {
       type int32 {
         range "-8 .. 9";

Why is this an int32 rather than an int8?