Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) over Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)
RFC 8220

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Subject: Document Action: 'Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) over Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)' to Informational RFC (draft-ietf-pals-vpls-pim-snooping-06.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) over Virtual Private LAN Service
  (draft-ietf-pals-vpls-pim-snooping-06.txt) as Informational RFC

This document is the product of the Pseudowire And LDP-enabled Services
Working Group.

The IESG contact persons are Alvaro Retana, Alia Atlas and Deborah

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Technical Summary

This document describes the procedures and recommendations for
Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS) Provider Edges (PEs) to facilitate
replication of multicast traffic to only certain ports (behind which
there are interested Protocol Independent Multicast (PIM) routers
and/or Internet Group Management Protocol (IGMP) hosts) via Protocol
Independent Multicast (PIM) snooping and proxying.

Working Group Summary

The primary thing to note about the WG process was the length of time
it's taken to get this done. This is primarily due to two factors. The first
is that it started in the L2VPN WG, and there was a five-year gap between
draft-ietf-l2vpn-vpls-pim-snooping revisions -01 and -02. My 
nderstanding is that was due to the implementors both gaining experience
with deployed code at that time, and not having the time to get back to the
draft. Once the work restarted in L2VPN, there was a last call, however, due
to review comments, work continued on the draft. When the PWE3 and
L2VPN WGs were merged into the PALS WG, it was reissued as a PALS
draft, and updates continued from additional experience from the field
and some fresh sets of eyes. 

Document Quality

The document has existed in one form or another since 2005, and
has gone through a total of 15 revisions. It has been though WG last
call twice (see above for the WG history). There is at least one known
implementation that has been deployed in the field for a number of years.


Who is the Document Shepherd for this document?  Andy Malis
Who is the Responsible Area Director?  Deborah Brungard