Information Model for Large-Scale Measurement Platforms (LMAPs)
RFC 8193

Note: This ballot was opened for revision 17 and is now closed.

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Comment (2017-03-15 for -17)
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Russ's comment/question about the credentials is a good one. It is fine to have different arrangements for different situations, but Russ’s question was really not about that but whether the CA information mentioned earlier is a part of a specific part of the information model (ma-credentials). I think that deserves clarification.

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Comment (2017-03-14 for -17)
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I concur with Russ's comment in his GenArt review that the credentials/certificates described in section 3.1 warrant discussion in the security considerations section.

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Comment (2017-03-16 for -17)
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I suspect Leif and Russ are right that credential handling
needs a bit more work. (IOW, I agree with Jari's comment.)

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Comment (2017-03-10 for -17)
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Why is this document Standards Track? I think it should be informational!

Minor comments/questions:
- It's not really explained what tags are (see ma-report-result-tags) ? And what's the differents to options (ma-report-result-options)?
- Is it correct that an ma-report-table-obj can cover multiple ma-report-table-functions? Examples would be good here!
- Sec 3.7.: "There is no mechanism to prioritise one schedule over another or to mutex scheduled tasks."
  Why is that? Was this discussed? I would guess that would be important to have!
- Wouldn't it makes sense to discuss the common objects first?
- The regristry concept is rather unclear to me as it suddently shows up in section 3.10. Especially what's a role in this context (ma-registry-role)? Example?

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Comment (2017-03-16 for -17)
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I only skimmed the document.

ma-log-description:       A human readable description of the event.

As per Section 4 of BCP 18 <>, human readable text should be associated with language tags. You should consider adding this functionality to the information model.

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Comment (2017-03-14 for -17)
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In the security considerations section, I see the following text:

   These mechanisms are important to ensure that the MA
   cannot be hijacked, for example to participate in a distributed
   denial of service attack.

Wouldn't using the systems or the collected data for network recon (or other attacks) be a more important consideration to be listed than DDoS?

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