SIP "cause" URI Parameter for Service Number Translation
RFC 8119

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Subject: Document Action: 'Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Cause URI parameter for Service Number translation' to Informational RFC (draft-mohali-dispatch-cause-for-service-number-14.txt)

The IESG has approved the following document:
- 'Session Initiation Protocol (SIP) Cause URI parameter for Service
   Number translation'
  (draft-mohali-dispatch-cause-for-service-number-14.txt) as
Informational RFC

This document has been reviewed in the IETF but is not the product of an
IETF Working Group.

The IESG contact person is Ben Campbell.

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Technical Summary

    This specification creates a new, predefined value (380) 
    for the "cause" URI parameter, defined in RFC 4458, to 
    indicate that service number translation, in which a 
    service access number has been retargeted due to specific 
    service action, has occurred. 

Working Group Summary

    Versions -00, -01, and -02 received feedback on the 
    Dispatch mailing list. At IETF 92, the Dispatch chairs 
    proposed to progress the draft as individual/AD sponsored, 
    and no objections were raised. 

    With the earliest drafts, there was some confusion among 
    discussion participants about which "cause" parameter was 
    being updated since SIP has both a "cause" URI parameter 
    and a "cause" header field parameter that is used with the 
    Reason header field. Which "cause" parameter the document   
    impacts is clarified in section 2.1 of the draft. 

   Some history on RFC type:  RFC 4458, since it registers 
   the "cause" URI parameter, probably should have been 
   standards track, but at the time of publication, RFC 3969 
   was not consistent in specifying that Standards Action 
   was required for the registration of SIP URI parameters 
   (RFC 5727 clarifies this). The minutes for the SIP WG, 
   IETF 60, show that there was consensus to progress 
   draft-jennings-sip-voicemail-uri (RFC 4458) as an 
   individual submission to Informational, which is the 
   path that RFC 4458 took. If the contents of RFC 4458 
   were to be proposed today, that document would need 
   to be standards track.

   After much discussion between the IESG, the ART AD, 
   the SIPcore and Dispatch chairs about updating   
   RFC 4458 to be standards track and progressing 
   as standards track, it was decided to leave them as is.  
   The "cause" URI parameter is not intended for general use  
   across the internet. draft-mohali-dispatch-service-number-translation  
   does not register a URI parameter; it just adds a reference  
   to an existing registration. The decision to keep these  
   documents informational is not intended to set precedent; 
   RFC 5727 remains the BCP for the SIP change process.

Document Quality

    3GPP will be rolling this update out with Release 13, 
    so there will be multiple implementations of this document.

    An expert review was not required for this document. 

    The document's Acknowledgments section thanks reviewers
    who had significant feedback.


    Document Shepherd: Jean Mahoney

    Responsible Area Director: Ben Campbell

RFC Editor Note

Please move the reference for [RFC4458] from the informative reference section to the normative reference section.